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The Transnational Modern Languages Digital Collection promotes a model of Modern Languages not as the inquiry into separate national traditions, but as the study of languages, cultures and their interactions.

Launching in September 2020, this collection offers all volumes published in the series as a digital collection.

What are the benefits to your library?

  • No embargo: Immediate online access to content plus an annual update to include all new releases throughout the five year period.
  • A new perspective: The series brings a radically different perspective to the study of language and culture emphasizing factors such as diversity, mobility, proximity, multiplicity, and connectedness as privileged means of grasping how languages and cultures interact and change.
  • Wide-ranging: The series diversifies the geographical reach of modern languages and recent volumes consider the impact of European languages on the culture of countries such as Brazil, the USA, Iran and South Africa.
  • Interdisciplinary: A broad overview of trans-imperial history as manifest in language, literature, cinema, music and digital cultures.
  • A valuable teaching resource: The texts in the series are specifically targeted at a student audience and they address how work on the transnational and transcultural broadens the confines of Modern languages.
  • Renowned authors: The individual volumes have been rigorously edited by renowned scholars including Charles Forsdick, Rebecca Braun, Rory O'Bryen, Loredana Polezzi, and Claire Williams.
  • Interactive: Available on our new super-fast, feature-rich online eReader which presents volumes with a crisp fully-scalable image and the ability to zoom in, bookmark, copy text, print, and download.

2022 Pricing

One-off purchase: £950 / US$1,200

One-off purchase includes immediate access to all current content plus five years' worth of future content. Online access is in perpetuity and there are no online hosting fees.


To order directly, please contact Jennie Collinson (Head of Sales & Marketing).