Translated Texts from Antiquity

Translated Texts from Antiquity is a sister series to the renowned Translated Texts for Historians series, published by Liverpool University Press for over thirty years, latterly also joined by Translated Texts for Byzantinists. With a broad geographical focus, including the Ancient Near East and Egypt as well as the Mediterranean world to c. AD 300, and a variety of languages in addition to Latin and Greek, Translated Texts from Antiquity will make valuable sources available to ancient historians and all those studying antiquity. Volumes will comprise of an expert scholarly translation, an introduction setting texts and authors in context and notes on content, interpretation and debates.

Proposals are warmly invited for the series; please contact Clare Litt, or one of the series editors with a Proposal Submission Form.

Commissioning Editor: Clare Litt,

General Editor: Colin Adams, University of Liverpool

Editorial Committee:
Roland Enmarch, University of Liverpool
Tom Harrison, University of St Andrews
Mark Humphries, University of Swansea
Tim Parkin, University of Melbourne
Georgia Petridou, University of Liverpool