University Press Redux Conference Slides

The University Press Redux Conference (#UPRedux), hosted by Liverpool University Press in association with the Academic Book of the Future project, took place March 16-17th 2016.  With 150 delegates, representing nearly 40 university presses, the conference benefited from some inspiring presentations, many of which are available below:

Retaining heritage and securing our future: the challenge of an established University Press - Mandy Hill (Cambridge University Press)

Alt-UP or Old UP? Rationales for New University Presses - Andrew Lockett (Westminster University Press)

What do academics want from a University Press? - Professor Jon Tonge (University of Liverpool)

Writing for Survival: Publishing & Precarity in the Lives of Early-Career Researchers - Dr Nadine Muller (Liverpool John Moores University

The Monograph and Open Access: Reports and New Opportunities from the Frontline - Eelco Ferwerda (OAPEN)

The Monograph and Open Access: Reports and New Opportunities from the Frontline -- Dr Frances Pinter (Manchester University Press, Knowledge Unlatched)

Revolution by a thousand cuts: university presses are the future of publishing - Brian Hole (Ubiquity)

Two's company, three's a crowd? Publishers, agents and libraries post-Swets -- Paul Harwood (EBSCO)

What Librarians Want - Andrew Barker (University of Liverpool), Joanna Ball (University of Sussex) and Graham Stone (University of Huddersfield)

Policy and Publishing - Richard Fisher

On University Pressing and Evidence Pushing - Mark Llewellyn (AHRC)

Making space for the academic book of the future: the role of national research policy - Steven Hill (HEFCE)

Why Marriage Matters: A US Perspective on Press/Library Partnerships - Charles Watkinson (Michigan University Press)

A New Wave of University Presses in the UK - Lara Speicher (UCL Press)

Sales: UK, US, China - Tim Mahar (Policy Press), Ken Rhodes (NBN), Meredith Morris-Babb (University of Florida Press), Nicola Everitt

Supporting authors post-publication - what works? - Ann Lawson (Kudos)

The Past, Present and Future of the American University Press: A View from the Left Coast - Alison Mudditt (University of California Press

Vision, Mission, Passion and Luck: The Creation of a University Press - Alison Shaw (Policy Press)

XML: More trouble than it is worth? - Andy Williams

Social Media for University Presses: why, how, who, where and when - Alastair Horne (Cambridge University Press)

Whose Community is it Anyway?  How to understand, research and plan for different communities of users - Suzanne Kavanagh (ALPSP)

European University Presses: Some Perspectives from the Mainland - Marike Schipper (Leuven)

European University Presses: Some Perspectives from the Mainland - Margo Bargheer (Gottingen)

Distribution and Fulfilment: A view from the inside - Neil Castle (Turpin)

The role of the library supplier - Jane Johnson (Dawson Books)

Open Access and the Wellcome Trust - Cecy Marden (Wellcome Trust)

How to grow a business internationally - Antonella Pearce (IPR License)

The Future Space of Bookselling - Dr Eben Muse (University of Bangor)

More than a Campus Bookshop - Sarah Yates (Blackwell) 

[Insert Something Thoughtful Here]: Reflections on the Conference - Peter Berkery (AAUP)


See also the storify of the event and the following companion blogs:

The University Press Redux: Balancing traditional university values with a culture of digital innovation - Anthony Cond.

University Press Redux: Preserving Heritage, Charting The Future  - Alison Mudditt

Pathways Forward: The University Press in the 21st Century - Alastair Horne

Reflections on The University Press Redux - Anne Nolan
































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