Rediscovering Traces of Memory

The Jewish Heritage of Polish Galicia [Second edition]

Jonathan Webber and by Chris Schwarz and Jason Francisco

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ISBN: 9781786940872

Publication: June 30, 2018

Series: The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization

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The present-day traces of the Jewish past in Poland are complex. Jewish life lay in ruins after the Holocaust. Much evidence of ruin remains, but there are also widespread traces that bear witness to the elaborate Jewish culture that once flourished there, even in villages and small towns. One also sees places where Jews were murdered by the Germans in the war: not only in death camps and ghettos, but also in fields, forests, rivers, and cemeteries. After the war forty years of communism suppressed even the memory of the destroyed Jewish heritage. Today, by contrast, the historic Jewish culture of Poland is increasingly being memorialized, by local Poles as well as by foreign Jews. Synagogues and cemeteries are being renovated, monuments and museums are being set up. There are festivals of Jewish culture, hasidic pilgrims, and Jewish tourists; and local people who rescued Jews during the war are being honoured. In rediscovering the traces of memory one also finds clear signs of a local Jewish revival. This extensively revised second edition includes forty new photographs and updated explanatory texts. Together they suggest how to make sense of the past and discover its relevance for the present. This innovative, multi-layered book will appeal to everyone concerned with questions of history, memory, and identity.

Chris Schwarz was an acclaimed British photojournalist whose intellectual curiosity led him to travel widely and investigate a great range of topics. In Poland, where he teamed up with Jonathan Webber to work on the Traces of Memory project and in 2004 opened the Galicia Jewish Museum in Kraków to showcase his photographs as a way of bringing the story of the Jewish heritage in Polish Galicia to Poland and to the world. He died in 2007.

Jonathan Webber is UNESCO Professor of Jewish and Interfaith Studies at the University of Birmingham, and was formerly Fellow in Jewish Social Studies at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and Lecturer in Social Anthroplogy, University of Oxford. He is editor of JASO: Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford and the author of three other books to be published by the Littman Library: Rediscovering Traces of Memory: The Jewish Heritage of Polish Galicia and Traces of Memory: The Ruins of Jewish Civilization in Polish Galicia, both in collaboration with photographer Chris Schwarz, and Time, Memory, and Historical Consciousness in the Jewish Tradition: The 1997 Cadbury Lectures.

Author’s Prologue A Photographer’s View Map of Polish Galicia Introduction 1. Life in Ruins 2. Glimpses of the Jewish Culture that Once Was 3. The Holocaust: Sites of Massacre and Destruction 4. How the Past Is Being Remembered 5. The Revival of Jewish Life Epilogue A Note on Galicia, Place Names, and Sources Index

Format: Paperback

Size: 210 x 218 mm

165 Pages

1 map and 100 colour illustrations

ISBN: 9781786940872

Publication: June 30, 2018

Series: The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization

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