Chasing the Past: Geopolitics of Memory on the Margins of Modern Greece

Pierre Sintès

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ISBN: 9781786940896

Publication: December 31, 2017

In 2008 Greece became the centre of European current affairs due to the financial crisis that has affected its public finances. The situation shook the whole of the old continent by threatening the stability of the European Union’s monetary system and with it the economies of all the member countries. While the development of what is known as the ‘sovereign debt crisis’ is not country-specific, the reforms that followed in Greece resulted in very significant improverishment of large parts of the population. Sintès situates the recent history of Greece leading up to its financial crisis, and the ensuing strikes, protests and political crisis, in the context, alongside theoretical work by scholars such as Jean-Loup Amselle and Arjun Appadurai. Addressing questions such as national identity, migration, the ‘production of locality’ and the future of the nation state through a series of case studies, Chasing the past: rethinking places on the margins of Greece will be essential reading for those seeking a fresh perspective on the crises affecting contemporary Europe.

Pierre Sintès is Lecturer in Geography at Aix-Marseille University.

Table of contents Introduction Shadows and light Memory – identity – territory as a trinity for observation Chapter 1: Understanding Greece in the world The geo-political upheavals of the 1990s A new intensity of international migrations and domestic mobility Migration Studies in the Balkans: a multiplicity of perspectives Towards new fields of research Locality as an indicator of globalisation Chapter 2: Conflictual memories and migration between Greece and Albania Migration seen from above Discovering relational space (Re)discovering the link beyond otherness Migration, transnational relationships and minority issues in Greece A new survey deep within the margins Landscape and places: relating the conflict or ‘silencing the past’? A never-ending fragmentation? Chapter 3: The Jewish community of Rhodes: a revitalised fragment of the Greek mosaic Historic fragments of Aegean Andalusia A community of memory Juderia rediscovered The Jewish past in action The grindings of memory Towards a successful heritage status: tourism as an ally? Counter-memory and local feeling Chapter 4: Mobilities, heritage and the construction of border territories Return to Thesprotia Reminiscences of ‘home’… elsewhere ‘New rural communities’ and changing lifestyles ‘Good patrimonial practices’ in Macedonia Nymfaio: tourism as a sole perspective? Creating order, starting projects The border as a new locus for resources? Geopolitics and cross-border cooperation Chapter 5: Rescaling power in an era of globalisation From roots to pastures new Losing the border and regaining memory(ies) From transformation in the ways of inhabiting place to the mobilisation of memory: territorial impact Using locality to gain ‘roots and wings’ Effects of globalisation? Institutional back-up for an alternative recourse to the past ‘Glocalised’ processes? Scales of globalisation in the Balkans Conclusion

Format: Hardback

Size: 239 x 163 mm

320 Pages

ISBN: 9781786940896

Publication: December 31, 2017

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