The Built Environment

Emily Hasler

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ISBN: 9781786941046

Publication: March 14, 2018

Series: Pavilion Poetry

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Emily Hasler’s debut collection moves between the local and the distant, the urban and the rural, and past and present. This is a poetry of emotional density underpinned with a lightness of touch. Hasler’s poems are structural but organic, detailed but lively, thoughtful but playful. There is a rare combination of exactitude and wonder which leads the reader in and keeps them there. Often taking their cue from the work of visual artists, these poems probe at the ways we understand and reconstruct our environment. Examining places, objects, buildings, landscapes, rivers and bridges, these poems ask how our world is made, and how it makes us.

Emily Hasler was born in Suffolk. She has lived in the Lake District, rural Kent and London, ending up on the Essex-side of the river Stour. Her poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies. She has been a Hawthornden Fellow and received an Eric Gregory Award in 2014. Her pamphlet, Natural Histories, was published by Salt in 2011.

'This is an intriguing, deft collection, demonstrating Hasler’s spellbinding ability to make the material world leap from the page.'
Poetry Book Society

'The poet of this brilliant, smart debut truly knows ‘how lucky we are to see ourselves in everything’ and wears that considerable wisdom lightly. We are drawn in with and by her, exposed and comported and instructed.'
Will Burns, Caught by the River

'The character of The Built Environment is perhaps best expressed in its own words: "There, / it starts to feel – in its united heart – /
that it is strong, light, supple, hard." Emily Hasler has nerve.'
Karen Solie


'These poems are finely and patiently constructed, “the thought is latticed, girded by gaps”. Alive to the intangible, their architectural motifs continually shift back and forth, sometimes vertiginously, between the literal and the metaphorical.'
Jamie McKendrick

'Emily Hasler's poems invite us to look again at the ways in which we construct - and constrain - meaning, experience, ourselves and each other. They draw on past narratives and historical forms of investment to suggest future possibilities.'
Lavinia Greenlaw

Format: Paperback

Size: 189 × 118 mm

58 Pages

ISBN: 9781786941046

Publication: March 14, 2018

Series: Pavilion Poetry

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