Granville Bantock (1868–1946)

A Guide to Research

John C. Dressler

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ISBN: 9781942954798

Publication: January 31, 2020

Series: Clemson University Press

The book will contain location and descriptive details of Bantock's manuscripts that are extant, which will assist those looking to construct editions of those works which have remained in manuscript and updated editions of those works which were initially published nearly 100 years ago. A discography provides insight into the wide variety of recording companies that first served Bantock’s music. It also includes more recent and more highly refined recording sonics that help listeners hear these works in a much more solid balance and quality of sound than the multitude of 78 rpm recordings which form the initial recordings of any of Bantock’s pieces. Included in the book are sections which highlight academic theses and dissertations that discuss some of Bantock’s works.  In addition citations of locations of many of Bantock’s letters still available for study are included.  An index that cross-references all of these details to the works which they highlight is a major help to the reader.

Dr. John C. Dressler, Professor of Horn and Musicology, has been on the faculty of Murray State University since 1989. He continues to be active in the International Horn Society and the British Music Society as performer and author. For the BMS he currently serves as a new-recordings reviewer. His reviews appear in the BMS’s E-Newsletter issues since 2017. His bio-bibliographies on Gerald Finzi, Alan Rawsthorne, and William Alwyn have added updated information and data to the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians articles on each. His most recent similar work on Granville Bantock provides seminal information for early twentieth-century British composer researches much of which is well above that provided in the New Grove article. Dressler’s next research project will focus on Eric Coates and his lasting importance in the area of Light Music.



            Discovering Bantock

            Chronology highlights

Works and Performances

            Instrumental Chamber Music

            Works for Solo Piano

            Stage Works and Theatrical Incidental music

            Orchestral Works

            Solo Songs

            Choral Works

            Part Songs

            Works for Brass Band

            Works for One Solo Instrument and Orchestra





Selected Bibliography

            General references

            Biographical references


            Writings and Correspondence of Granville Bantock

            Files at the BBC Written Archives

            Dissertations and Theses

            Granville Bantock Society Journal articles

            References to Works in General

            References to Specific Works

Appendix A: Song cycle and multi-section works components

Appendix B: Alphabetical works list

Appendix C: Chronological works list

Appendix D: University of Birmingham manuscript collection


Format: Hardback

Size: 239 × 163 mm

256 Pages

ISBN: 9781942954798

Publication: January 31, 2020

Series: Clemson University Press

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