The Art of the Book

Its Place in Medieval Worship

Edited by Bernard J. Muir and Margaret M. Manion

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ISBN: 9780859895668

Publication: August 1, 1998

Series: Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies

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This collection of articles, by scholars with established reputations in the field, focuses on medieval books designed for use in Christian worship, both public and private. Examples are drawn from French, Italian and Dutch work of the fourteenth to the early sixteenth centuries. The contributors explore the various ways in which text and imagery complement and re-enforce one another, and the importance of music and chant is also addressed. The interdisciplinary focus ensures that it will be of wide interest to scholars in many different fields. This is a work of original contributions by scholars with established reputations in the field; no other volume deals with the same material. Much of the visual material has been previously unpublished or inaccessible.

Bernard Muir is Professor of Medieval Studies at the University of Melbourne. His publications include The Exeter Anthology of Old English Poetry (Exeter); A Pre-Conquest English Prayerbook (Boydell).

Margaret Manion is Professor Emeritus, Department of Fine Arts, University of Melbourne. Her publications include a facsimile edition of The Wharncliffe Hours (Thames & Hudson); Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts in Australian Collections (with Vera F. Vines) (Thames & Hudson).

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ABBREVIATIONS LIST OF PLATES AND FIGURES Introduction Margaret M. Manion 1 The Early Insular Prayer Book Tradition and the Development of the Book of Hours, Bernard J. Muir 2 Women, Art and Devotion: Three French Fourteenth-Century Royal Prayer Books, Margaret M. Manion 3 Books for a Dominican Nuns' Choir: Illustrated Liturgical Manuscripts at Saint-Louis de Poissy, c.1330-1350, Joan Naughton 4 The Illustrated Office of the Passion in Italian Books of Hours, Bronwyn C. Stocks 5 An Unusual Image of the Assumption in a Fourteenth-Century Dominican Choir-Book, Margaret M. Manion 6 The Dominican Liturgy of the Assumption: Texts and Music for the Divine Office, John Stinson 7 A Centre for Devotional and Liturgical Manuscript Illumination in Fifteenth-Century Besancon, Vera F. Vines 8 The Master of Jacques de Besancon and a Fifteenth-Century Parisian Missal, Hilary Maddocks 9 Marginalized Jewels: The Depiction of Jewellery in the Borders of Flemish Devotional Manuscripts, Kate Challis 10 Devotional Objects in Book Format: Diptychs in the Collection of Margaret of Austria and her Family, Dagmar Eichberger LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS INDEX

This handsomely produced and illustrated book consists of ten essays on aspects of the various types of medieval prayer books used in both public and private Christian worship from the eighth through the fifteenth century . . . One of the beauties of the book is that it encompasses a variety of approaches to the subject, each illuminated by means of specific examples . . . the reader will derive an understanding of the diversity underlying all aspects of the production of these objects . . . It expands rather than limits our view of the place of the book in the cultural life of this period and provides a splendid introduction to this richly complex subject. Furthermore, the complementarity of pictorial image and text emerges as a major theme throughout. Although nearly all of the essays are by art historians, this book will appeal to a much wider audience. Anyone who is concerned with the life of the educated classes, both secular and religious, of the late Middle Ages will want this anthology.
  Church History, Vol 69, No. 4

A well-produced book. Not the least of its delights are the excellent eight colour and ninety-eight black-and-white plates, which put the poorly-printed and over-priced offerings of older university presses to shame.
  The Ricardian, Vol. 12, No. 153

The oldest manuscripts dealt with are of the early fourteenth century, the latest of the early sixteenth, and the geographical spread is from Italy to the Netherlands. But all are interesting, and the book, edited by Margaret M. Manion and Bernard J. Muir, is well presented and handsomely illustrated.

Of serious value to all concerned with the arts as inspiration and servant of religion, especially in the late Middle Ages.
  Theology, March/April

The authors have been well served by the publishers, who have produced an attractively presented text with a generous selection of illustrations.
  The Library, 2I.3

Format: Hardback

Size: 244 x 169 mm

360 Pages

ISBN: 9780859895668

Publication: August 1, 1998

Series: Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies

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