The Battle of Brunanburh

A Casebook

Edited by Michael Livingston

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ISBN: 9780859898638

Publication: June 10, 2011

Series: Liverpool Historical Casebooks

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This casebook fills a major gap in our cultural knowledge of the Middle Ages. It gathers together for the first time the key historical and literary primary sources for the study of the Battle of Brunanburh (AD 937); a key moment in the history of the British Isles. Produced by an international team of experts, the volume offers the sources in their language of origin - Old English, Old Norse, Welsh, Irish, Latin, Anglo-Norman, Middle English, Early Modern English - with facing-page translations and explanatory notes. Many of the sources are translated here for the first time.In addition, the volume includes a substantial introduction from Michael Livingston and ten wide-ranging essays that provide cultural contexts and lay to rest many of the most controversial questions about the conflict - including the key matter of where the battle likely took place, identified here . The essays show the lasting significance of this nation-defining battle - both in terms of history and in terms of its impact across more than a thousand years of literature.

Michael Livingston is Associate Professor of English at The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina and author of 'The Battle of Brunanburh: A Casebook' (2011) and 'Owain Glyndwr: A Casebook' (2013).

Preface: The Shape of the Volume Introduction: The Roads to Brunanburh (Michael Livingston) Accounts of the Battle (This section is the “heart” of the book: editions of the medieval sources central to studying Brunanburh, with facing-page translations.) 1. Armes Prydein Vawr 2. Carta dirige gressus 3. Rex pius Athelstan 4. Anglo-Saxon Chronicle [Versions A and B], Battle of Brunanburh 5. Glaswawt Taliessin 6. Annales Cambriae 7. AEthelweard, Chronicon 8. Wulfstan of Winchester, Vita S. Ethelwoldi 9. Ælfric of Eynsham, Epilogue to Judges 10. Athelstan’s Prayer 11. Eadmer of Canterbury, Vita Odonis 12. Anglo-Saxon Chronicle [Version F] 13. Symeon of Durham, Libellus de exordio 14. Eadmer of Canterbury, Vita Oswaldi 15. Anglo-Saxon Chronicle [Version E] 16. John of Worcester, Chronicon 17. William of Malmesbury, Gesta regum Anglorum 18. Henry of Huntingdon, Historia Anglorum 19. Geoffrey Gaimar, Estoire des Engleis 20. Symeon of Durham, Historia regum 21. Chronicle of Ramsey 22. Chronicle of Melrose 23. Gwynfardd Brycheiniog, Canu y Dewi 24. Roger of Howden, Chronicle 25. Egil’s Saga 26. Roger Wendover, Flores historiarum 27. Matthew Paris, Chronica majora 28. Livere de Reis de Engleterre 29. Bartholomew of Cotton, Historia Anglicana 30. Annals of Winchester 31. John of Oxnead, Chronicle 32. Robert of Gloucester, Metrical Chronicle 33. Annals of Waverley 34. Brut y Tywysogion 35. Brenhinedd y Saesson 36. Peter of Langtoft, Chronicle 37. Stanzaic Guy of Warwick 38. Anonymous Short English Metrical Chronicle 39. Ranulf Higden, Polychronicon 40. Robert Mannyng of Brunne, Chronicle 41. Scottish Chronicle (alias Pictish Chronicle) 42. John of Fordun, Chronica gentis Scotorum 43. Eulogium historiarum 44. Brut y Saesson 45. Richard of Cirencester, Speculum historiale 46. Pseudo-Ingulf, Chronicle of Crowland 47. Prose Brut 48. Book of Hyde 49. Walter Bower, Scotichronicon 50. Annals of Ulster 51. Hector Boece, Historiae 52. Annals of Clonmacnoise 53. Annals of the Four Masters Notes on the Sources Essays on the Sources The Welsh Sources Pertaining to the Battle (John K. Bollard, with Marged Haycock) Preliorum maximum: The Latin Tradition (Scott Thompson Smith) The Battle of Brunanburhin Old English Studies (Thomas A. Bredehoft) The Battle of Brunanburhas a Poem (Robert P. Creed) Truth and a Good Story: Egil’s Saga and Brunanburh (A. Keith Kelly) Romancing the Past: The Middle English Tradition (Robert Rouse) Essays on the Battle The Place-Name Debate (Paul Cavill) Wirral: Folkore and Locations (Stephen Harding) The Sociolinguistic Context of Brunanburh (Richard Coates) Brunanburh and the Victorian Imagination (Joanne Parker) Bibliography Index

In short, the book is extremely useful ... valuable for beginning undergraduate students and established scholars alike, and the editor deserves recognition for bringing to fruition an ambitious and largely successful project.
  Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol 113 No. 3

... a massive and admirable volume on the Battle of Brunanburh. It is designed as a casebook – a teaching tool and a scholarly examination in one. It is as definitive as it is possible to be about the battle and succeeds admirable as a case study of how to examine an obscure medieval battle.
Stephen Morillo   Journal of Military History

The concept of bringing together all available written materials relating to a single significant event in early English history, together with commentary by a range of experts, is extremely worthwhile.
Donald Scragg  
University of Manchester

... this will be the definitive text ...
  Fortean Times

Format: Paperback

Size: 249 × 177 mm

458 Pages

ISBN: 9780859898638

Publication: June 10, 2011

Series: Liverpool Historical Casebooks

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