Beyond Suspicion

New American Fiction since 1960

Marc Chénetier and translated by Elizabeth Holding

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ISBN: 9780853239406

Publication: July 1, 1996

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A landmark study providing a synthetic view of developments in American fiction between 1960 and the 1990s. Beyond Suspicion focuses principally on the works of Gaddis, Pynchon, Elkin, McElroy, Hawkes, Nabokov, Gass, Barth and Coover, although a host of other writers are also discussed. Chénetier argues that traditional generic approaches to this body of work are misleading. He rejects the categorisation of works by their writer’s region, race and gender, and suggests instead an examination of works from a variety of artistic and epistemological standpoints. Chénetier’s status as outsider – geographically speaking – fosters this approach; from his critical distance, he is able to look on American letters with a very specific and individual point of view. Beyond Suspicion is notable, too, for the grace with which links the concerns of French literary theory with those of American fiction.


First English edition; published 1989 by Éditions du Seuil as Au-delà de la soupçon: La nouvelle fiction américaine de 1960 á nos jours

Should be read by everyone interested in the turbulent fictions of today.
  Modern Fiction Studies, reviewing the French edition

Witty, intelligent and provocative ... indispensable reading for anyone at all interested in American fiction of the last thirty years ...
Tony Tanner  
King’s College, Cambridge

Format: Paperback

Size: 234 x 156 mm

337 Pages

ISBN: 9780853239406

Publication: July 1, 1996

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