The Common Spring

Essays on Latin and English Poetry

Niall Rudd

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ISBN: 9781904675488

Publication: September 23, 2005

Series: Bristol Phoenix Press Essays

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This collection aims to bring out the continuity between major poets in Latin and English, presenting to a wider audience papers previously published only in academic periodicals along with a number of unpublished pieces. It contains essays on Virgil, Horace, Ovid and Juvenal, which are intended for the reader with a genuine but not necessarily specialised interest in Latin poetry. Corresponding papers on English poets, including Shakespeare, Milton, Dryden, Pope, Swift and Tennyson, emphasise the debt owed to their Roman predecessors. Two more general pieces, on the poetry of romantic love and on classical humanism, further underline the continuity between past and present.

Niall Rudd is Emeritus Professor of Latin in the University of Bristol and Honorary Fellow in the University of Liverpool.

Preface Acknowledgements 1. Virgil's Contribution to Pastoral 2. Necessity and Invention in the Aeneid 3. Horace's Odes: a Defence of Criticism 4. Achilles or Agamemnon? Horace, Epistle 1.2.13 5. Theme and Imagery in Propertius 2.15 6. Echo and Narcissus: a Study in Duality 7. The Topicality of Juvenal 8. The Classical Presence in Titus Andronicus 9. The Taming of the Shrew: Some Classical Points of Reference 10. Milton, Sonnet 17 (Carey no. 87): an Avoidable Controversy 11. Dryden on Horace and Juvenal 12. Problems of Patronage: Horace Epistles 1.7.46-98 and Swift's Imitation 13. Variation and Inversion in Pope's Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot 14. The Optimistic Lines in Johnson's The Vanity of Human Wishes 15. Two Invitations: Tennyson To the Rev. F.D. Maurice and Horace to Maecenas (Odes, 3.29) 16. Romantic Love in Classical Times? 17. Classical Humanism and its Critics Notes

The book is attractively produced and nicely bound. The articles would, I think, be accessible to 6th form students, although the considerable variety of topics means that one would not be tempted to buy it to support one particular set book; indeed, it is perhaps better bought by the English Department, rather than Classics. As an overview of Rudd the scholar it is excellent, and it would be an interesting addition to a school library.
  Journal of Classics Teaching, 9

This is a fine collection which well displays the scholarly characteristics of its writer: clear, forceful argument based on close, analytical, historicized and intentionalist readings of texts.
  Bryn Mawr Classical Review. 2006.07.21

Format: Hardback

Size: 228 x 149 mm

206 Pages

ISBN: 9781904675488

Publication: September 23, 2005

Series: Bristol Phoenix Press Essays

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