The Companion to Little Dorrit

Trey Philpotts

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ISBN: 9781873403853

Publication: February 17, 2003

Series: Dickens Companions 9

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The Companion to 'Little Dorrit' provides the most extensive information yet available on the political, cultural, and personal backgrounds of a novel that today is considered a central text of Dickens's 'dark' period, and a major work of nineteenth-century literature. The Companion emphasizes the importance of the Crimean War through both the complex political rhetorical surrounding the Circumlocution Office, and Dickens's depiction of Daniel Doyce, as well as through many other textual details. The Companion also makes important distinctions between administrative reform and civil service reform, and points to differences between boards of inquiry, committees and reports that conventional wisdom has frequently confused. Of special interest are the notes on the political figures of the day - Lord Palmerston, Lord Aberdeen, Sir Charles Treveylan and Austen Henry Layard, among many others - and on the debates in the House of Commons that were reported by The Times and that eventually found expression in Little Dorrit.

Trey Philpotts is Professor of English at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and author of The Companion to Little Dorrit (2003).

List of Illustrations General Preface by the Editors Acknowledgements Abbreviations for Dickens's Works and Related Material Bibliographical Symbols and AbbreviationsIntroduction A Note on the Text How to Use the Notes The Notes Appendix A - Map of the Borough of Southwark, based on 1827 map Appendix B - The Crimean War Appendix C - Time in Little Dorrit Appendix D - Foreign Language and Foreign Speakers in Little Dorrit Appendix E - The Original Title: ‘Nobody’s Fault’ Select Bibliography Index

The Companion has a readable, accessible, and attractive format, and the text is supplemented with 33 illustrations, several appendices, an endpaper map of Little Dorrit's London, ample bibliography, and thorough index. It is, in sum, one of the most interesting and unquestionably the most valuable of scholarly contributions to Dickens studies in 2003.
  Dickens Studies Annual, 35, pp. 337–9

This ambitious, admirable, and attractive book significantly assists us in seeing how the two approaches that Dickens blends –realism and illusion – interact in Little Dorrit.
Stanley Friedman   Dickens Quarterly, XX, 4, pp. 289–93

... it seems perfectly possible to imagine this book being extremely useful to all manner of Victorianists, quite independently of its connection with Little Dorrit.

Format: Hardback

Size: 239 x 163 mm

576 Pages

ISBN: 9781873403853

Publication: February 17, 2003

Series: Dickens Companions 9

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