Constantine and Christendom

The Orations of the Saints; The Greek and Latin Accounts of the Discovery of the Cross; The Donation of Constantine to Pope Silvester

Translated with commentary by Mark Edwards

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ISBN: 9780853236481

Publication: March 1, 2003

Series: Translated Texts for Historians 39

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This volume makes available three works attributed to Constantine – two of which were certainly not written by him – which are important sources for historians of the papacy, Christianity and Constantine himself. The Oration to the Saints is an intellectual defence of Christianity, which puts the case for monotheism, extols the incarnation and voluntary abasement of the Son of God, and finally declares Constantine’s personal adherence to the Saviour. The legend of the discovery of the True Cross by the empress Helena, mother of Constantine, following her conversion to Christianity is presented in translations of two variant accounts. The third text, the Edict of Constantine, presents Constantine’s supposed edict to Pope Silvester transferring lands to the papacy. An introduction considers the authorship, motivation and historical context for each of the works, and extensive annotation elucidates textual difficulties and allusions.

Professor Mark J. Edwards is Tutor in Theology at Christ Church College, Oxford. His previous publications include Catholicity and Heresy in the Early Church (2009), Image, Word and God in the Early Christian Centuries (2012) and Christians, Gnostics and Philosophers in Late Antiquity (2012)

Acknowledgements Introduction Constantine: The Oration to the Saints The Coming of the Holy Cross (Latin version) Story of the Discovery of the Honourable and Life-giving Cross (Greek version) The Edict of Constantine to Pope Silvester Bibliography Maps The Mediterranean World in the Age of Constantine Byzantine Jerusalem Mediaeval Rome Index to the Oration to the Saints Index to texts on the Discovery of the Cross Index to the Edict of Constantine

The Translated Texts for Historians series has rendered great service to scholarship in enabling students of ancient and medieval history to broaden their studies by reading important sources in English. The publication of these valuable texts relating to Constantine is to be welcomed unreservedly. The editor has produced three admirable annotated translations which should stimulate those who read them to explore further the possibilities of advanced research.

Ecclesiastical History

Format: Paperback

Size: 210 × 147 mm

192 Pages

ISBN: 9780853236481

Publication: March 1, 2003

Series: Translated Texts for Historians 39

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