The Culture of Capital

Nicky Allt

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ISBN: 9781846311277

Publication: April 1, 2008

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From award-winning playwright Nicky Allt comes this provocative fictional account of life in the city dubbed European Capital of Culture for 2008. The Culture of Capital tells the story of Michael Mac and puts forward the need, skill, and entitlement of native Liverpool people in the basic running and future building of their city. With his marriage in serious trouble and monumental change taking place all around him, Michael Mac feels his whole existence is being ignored to the point where eventual extinction seems unavoidable. The story of contemporary Liverpool becomes entwined with Mac’s own personal confrontation with a local drug dealer who, along with Michael’s wife, view him as a fool of his own making. With the face of the city changing as dramatically as it ever has in his lifetime Michael sees no way forward, and worse, no way out.

Nicky Allt co-wrote the acclaimed play Brick up the Mersey Tunnels and is the author of The Boys From The Mersey.

Acknowledgements Sintroduction – Nicky Allt Wintroduction – Nicky Allt The Un-English Disease – Nicky Allt Liverpool DNA – Nicky Allt Artist’s view... Art in a City – Anthony Brown Liverpool life... Outsourced Liverpool – Steve Higginson Liverpool life... Liverpool Lou – Suzanne Collins Bluecoat view... Cultural Cakes and Crevices – Rachael Eades London view... When it all comes down – Mickey, written by Nicky Allt Political life... The Regeneration Professionals – Peter Furmedge Athens life... Family Matters – Karen Gill Halewood life... The Sound of the Suburbs – John Garner Cultural life... Cock-ups and Pasta Sauces – Neville Skelly Love life... Sweet, Sweet Emerald-eyed Punk – J. M., written by Nicky Allt Cultural life... Bureaucracy vs. Creativity – Peter Hooton Cultural life... Capital of (Popular) Culture – Dave Kirby Writer’s life... The Capital of Kidneys – Sarah Deane Taffy Scouse – John Jones Paddy-Wack (Irish Scouse) – Paul O’Callaghan Scottish Scouse – Andrew McGregor English Scouse – Nicky Allt October 2007... A Day in the Life – Nicky Allt Selected Liverpool music to walk the city

Format: Paperback

Size: 234 x 156 mm

224 Pages

ISBN: 9781846311277

Publication: April 1, 2008

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