The English Manuscripts of Richard Rolle

A Descriptive Catalogue

Ralph Hanna

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ISBN: 9780859898201

Publication: May 17, 2010

Series: Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies

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Richard Rolle - the Yorkshire hermit, visionary and transmitter of religious counsel - was widely recognised in the later English Middle Ages as a major spiritual author. However, this influential figure poses difficulties for scholars and remains a largely untapped literary resource. Encompassing over one hundred and twenty books, Rolle's work is central to the largely uninvestigated sacred culture of that period and provides scholars with a rich source of insight. Ralph Hanna has collected and catalogued this important body of work following detailed research of the manuscript evidence over two decades. Rolle's status makes it appropriate that he will be the only Middle English author other than Chaucer to have an author-based bibliography. The catalogue describes each of Rolle's books and includes full details of contents and codicology. The book also includes an introduction to Rolle’s work explaining its significance, examining the transmission of his writings, and providing a guide to the conventions of presentation used in the catalogue. A series of indexes provides useful additional resources.

Ralph Hanna is Professor of Palaeography (Emeritus) and Emeritus Fellow at Keble College, Oxford. He is a former Guggenheim Fellow, former Fellow of the Radcliffe Institute (Harvard University), and winner of the British Academy Sir Israel Gollancz Prize for English Language 2015. His books include Editing Medieval Texts (Liverpool University Press, 2015) and Introducing English Medieval Book History: Manuscripts, their Producers and their Readers (Liverpool University Press, 2013).

Acknowledgements Abbreviations and Abbreviated references List of Manuscripts described, with table of equivalents to Ogilvie-Thomson's edition Illustrations Introduction Richard Rolle in English The Catalogue Indexes o English Works of Richard Rolle o Associated English Texts o Associated Latin Texts o Associated French Texts o Incipits of Unindexed English Prose o Pre-Dissolution Owners o Book-Producers o Paper Stocks o Manuscripts Referred to but not Described

Hanna’s descriptive catalogue is an invaluable source of information for those interested not only in Rolle’s English canon but also in the compilation of the medieval English manuscript book itself. The 123 examples meticulously catalogued here offer an author-based insight into the reading habits and textual tastes of the later Middle Ages thoroughly examined and researched by a master in his own field.
  The Library, Vol 12, no.2

This will be an invaluable volume, obviously useful to those interested in its name author and his works, but also to all those engaged with later Middle English religious texts and their manuscript contexts.
  Journal of the Early Book Society

Format: Hardback

Size: 249 x 174 mm

320 Pages

ISBN: 9780859898201

Publication: May 17, 2010

Series: Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies

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