Getting There

Matt Simpson

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ISBN: 9780853239574

Publication: March 1, 2001

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Matt Simpson’s poetry has among its principal themes one of coming to terms with the past as a way of understanding the present. In the present collection Simpson continues his journey into his family history. He has also been on other travels: there are poems about Japan, Tasmania, Ireland and the Greek islands of Aegina and Leros. Simpson is not shy of big themes. Here are poems about identity, love, death, illness, friendship. Simpson can be tenderly elegiac as well as celebratory, meditative and also humorous.

Another Look A Great-Grandfather A Great-Grandmother Grandfathers Grandmothers Birthplace My Mother and her Two Brothers Their Wedding Photograph Sticks and Stones Hickory Dickory Jolson Sings First Day at the Grammar School Catching an Old Film on Television Days of TEFL Snap May 1997 Emma at Seven Months Somewhere Down the Line No Joke For the Man I Used to Go Fishing With Fishing in the Grounds of a Therapeutic Community Not at his Best Dead of Winter ‘Committal’ The Dovecote The Idea of Order at Hunts Cross Jupiter Optimus Maximus Squeezing a Poem out of Me Fragment Something for Gael Turnbull on his Seventieth Birthday Making an Arrangement An Invitiation to Breakfast from Sydney Smith Hiroshima Sez I Sez I in Stephen’s Green Seventh Heaven At Drumcliff in 1997 Getting There Mnemósynon Moonlight on Leros Olives The Quality of Greek Light Scottish Water Bringing Squid Funerary Monuments, Aegina Taking the Hexameter a Walk Moonlight on Aegina Whalewatching – Vancouver Island Seventh-Storey Heaven Sarah Biffin Ancestors In the Dock Canteen On Tape at the Old People’s Home Winter Solstice 2001 A Long Way from Home

... delightful... full of vigour and humour and a good deal of romantic restraint that gives a fine effect of deep feeling intelligently reined in.
Anne Stevenson  

Format: Paperback

Size: 234 x 156 mm

96 Pages

ISBN: 9780853239574

Publication: March 1, 2001

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