Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age

A User Guide

Edited by Vanessa Bartlett

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ISBN: 9781781381885

Publication: March 9, 2015

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Group Therapy invites readers to reconsider their perceptions of mental health, by asking how far our personal wellbeing is related to the values of the society we live in. In the 21st century, where many of our daily activities are mediated by digital devices, it focuses particularly on the impact of new technologies on our sense of self and our collective wellbeing. Using provocations and personal testimonies, the book challenges conventional perceptions of mental illness, while offering practical advice on how to deal with contemporary problems such as internet addiction or mental health in the workplace. Written by artists, psychologists and health professionals, and building upon an exhibition at FACT, Group Therapy provides an accessible 'how to' guide for the contemporary day-to-day experience of mental health.

Vanessa Bartlett is a researcher, writer and curator and producer currently based between London, Liverpool and Sydney, Australia. She is a PhD candidate at University of New South Wales, where her research explores digital art as a way of prompting audiences to reflect on their own mental health in the gallery space.

Foreword by Mike Stubbs Introduction by Vanessa Bartlett Image - Dora García (Spain), The Deviant Majority, 2010 (Single-channel video, sound, 34 mins) Text on Dora García artwork SOCIETY Image: Quintan Ana Wikswo (US), Carrie Buried Beneath Catalpa Beans // Mountain Sweep, 2009-2014 (Photography and text) Text on Quintan Ana Wikswo artwork Peter Kinderman Seeing Things Differently Image: UBERMORGEN (Austria), Psychos Sensation, 2014 (Mixed media installation) Text on UBERMORGEN artwork Image: Melanie Manchot (UK), Twelve, 2015 (Installation environment, three-channel video, sound, 25 mins 24 secs) Text on Melanie Manchot artwork Mark Fisher - Reflexive Impotence, Immobilization and Liberal Communism Text on Superflex artwork Image: Superflex (Denmark), The Financial Crisis, 2009 (Single-channel video, sound, 12 mins 25 secs) TECHNOLOGY Seaneen Molloy - Blogging about Mental Health Charlotte Wealthy - Using Apps to Support my Mental Health Text on Lauren Moffatt artwork Image: Lauren Moffatt (Australia / Germany), Not Eye, 2013 (Stereoscopic video, mixed media installation) Victoria Betton - Talking Back: Mental Health and Social Media Image: Katriona Beales (UK), White Matter, 2015 (Multi-media installation, video, sound) Text on Katriona Beales artwork Benjamin Koslowski - Mental Health in a Digital Age: Lessons from Architectural Design Practice Text on Jennifer Kanary Nikolova artwork Image: Jennifer Kanary Nikolov (Netherlands), Labyrinth Psychotica, 2013 (Mixed media installation) CREATIVE PRACTICE Clive Parkinson - A Brightly Coloured Bell Jar A State-Sanctioned Aesthetic Image: the vacuum cleaner (UK), MadLove, 2015 (Mixed media installation) Text on the vacuum cleaner artwork Amanda Cachia - ‘Disabling’ the Museum: Curator as Infrastructural Activist Image: George Khut (Australia), The Heart Library Project, 2007 (Pulse-sensing hardware, computers, video projector, stereo sound) Text on George Khut artwork George Khut - Experiencing the Body Beyond Pathology Paul Dean - Doing Digital Art Therapy Image: Kate Owens and Neeta Madahar (UK), Me and the Black Dog, 2015 (Multi-channel animation, sound, 14 mins) Text on Kate Owens and Neeta Madahar artwork Text on Erica Scourti (UK / Greece) and members of Freehand (FACT's young people's programme) Digital project How to Access Support for your Mental Health – List of Links Editor Biography Artist Biography Artist Credits Exhibition Credits

Format: Paperback

Size: 210 x 148 mm

173 Pages

ISBN: 9781781381885

Publication: March 9, 2015

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