A Guide to Port Sunlight Village

Edward Hubbard and Michael Shippobottom

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ISBN: 9780853234555

Publication: May 1, 2005

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The model industrial village of Port Sunlight was founded by the soap manufacturer W. H. Lever (later Lord Leverhulme) in 1888 for the factory workers of his firm of Lever Brothers. The village was acclaimed from the first as exemplifying the best in English town planning and house design, and greatly influenced subsequent industrial villages such as Bournville, and the garden city movement more generally. This guide considers the village in its historical context, with particular emphasis on the planning and architectural aspects. It explains the social and visual significance of Port Sunlight and the reasons for its being unique in the history of town planning, as well as looking at the way its development was influenced by changing fashions in civic design. The relevance of Lever’s own character and interests – his social conscience, his love of art and beauty and his architectural enthusiasms – is also examined. Two tours, one for pedestrians and one for car drivers, which include and describe the most significant buildings of the village, are an additional feature of the guide.

Preface to the 1988 Edition Preface to the 2005 Edition Foreward 1 The Founder 2 Background 3 Planning and Development 4 Housing and Architectural Character 5 Public Buildings 6 Fame and Influence Tours of the Village Walk: Heritage Centre to Lady Lever Art Gallery Drive: Lady Lever Art Gallery to Heritage Centre Appendix 1: Demolished Buildings Appendix 2: Notes on Architects Bibliography

Format: Paperback

Size: 246 × 189 mm

112 Pages

ISBN: 9780853234555

Publication: May 1, 2005

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