Human Futures

Art in an Age of Uncertainty

Edited by Andy Miah

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ISBN: 9781846311819

Publication: October 1, 2008

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In recent years, the long-term future of humanity has become of particular concern to various governance bodies and scholarly institutions. This is due to the many biological transgressions that have begun to occur through emerging technologies, such as genetic modification, cloning, stem cell research and much more. These transgressions call into question the foundations of social order, thus creating a complex, multifaceted imperative for humanity as a whole to foresee. This innovative book, stimulated by material from FACT’s Human Futures programme and informed by inquiries into the future of humanity, combines scholarly essays, images from leading artists and designers, interviews, design products, artistic artefacts, and creative writing. Together, these works present contributions from key thinkers, authors and artists, whose work actively interrogates the expectations and actualities of human futures as they emerge within the social sphere. Human Futures portrays how the visual and textual culture of technological innovation is made and remade through bioculturally diverse forms of consumption. Issues addressed in the book include; the convergence of the NBIC (nano-, bio-, info-, cogno-) sciences; the ethics and aesthetics of human enhancement; the future of biological migration and transgressions; the emergence of systems and synthetic biology; the prospect of emotional and networked intelligence and ecosystem responsibility. While debates about these themes are often visible in discrete areas of scientific inquiry or artistic endeavour, this book brings together these disparate studies to explore moments of their interaction. The result is an invaluable resource for anyone with an interest in the clash of art, technology and science and its impact on humanity today and tomorrow.

Dr. Andy Miah ( is Reader in New Media and Bioethics at the School of Media, Language and Music, University of the West of Scotland. He is also a Fellow of the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) and of the Connecticut-based Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET).

Introductions 0.1 Sir Drummond Bone – Foreward 0.2 Mike Stubbs and Laura Sillars – Life in the 21st Century: Practice-based Research and the Application of Art 0.3 Andy Miah – Introduction [Tenantspin, Titanium Tenants] Visions 1.1 Steve Fuller – The Future is Divine: A History of Human God-Playing 1.2 Jennifer Willet – BIOplay: Bacteria Cultures 1.3 Russell Blackford – Embracing the Unknown Future: In Defence of New Technology 1.4 Ruud Ter Meulen – Will Human Enhancement Make Us Better? Ethical reflections on the enhancement of human capacities by means of biomedical technologies 1.5 Richard A. L. Jones – Our Faith in Technology 1.6 Anthony Dunne, Fiona Raby and Andy Miah – Screening for Undesirable Genes: The Evidence Dolls Project Contested Bodies 2.1 Sandra Kemp – Shaping the Human: The New Aesthetic 2.2 George J. Anna – Bioterror and ‘Bioart’ – ‘a plague o’ both your houses’ 2.3 George Wolbring – One World, One Olympics: Governing Human Ability, Ableism and Disablism in an Era of Bodily Enhancements 2.4 Marilene Oliver – Flesh to Data/Subject to Data: Examining Processes of Translation 2.5 Simone Osthoff – Eduardo Kac: A Conversation with the Artist Political Economy of the Future 3.1 Kate O’Riordan – Fragments of Creative Cloning: Time, Money and Relationships 3.2 Nigel Cameron – Global Governance and Emerging Technologies: The Need for a Mainstream Policy Debate on Modifying Human Capacities 3.3 Duncan Dallas – Will Public Engagement Lead to a Marriage between Science and Society? [Material Beliefs] 3.4 Nicola Triscott – Once Upon a Space Age: How the dream was lost [and how we get it back again] 3.5 Pramod K. Nayar – The Narrative Tradition of Posthuman Rights 3.6 David Bennett – How Science Fiction Lost its Innocence – And How Nano? Creative F[r]ictions 4.1 George J. Annas – Our Most Important Product 4.2 Heather Bradshaw – Sorrel 4.3 Catullus – Letter to a Supernatural Being [Double Happiness Jeans – 6 Steps To Your Very Own Virtual Sweatshop] 4.4 Jane Grant, John Matthias and Nick Ryan – The Fragmented Orchestra: Minds, Music and Memory 4.5 Ann Whitehurst – The Future is a Fantasy 4.6 Norman M. Klein – Notes toward the History of the Present 4.7 Oron Catts and Laura Sillars – Artists and Scientists: A Symbolic Friendship? 4.8 etoy.corporation – Mission Eternity End Matter 5.1 Author Biographies 5.2 Subject Index 5.3 Image Index 5.4 Name Index

Format: Hardback

Size: 239 x 163 mm

352 Pages

ISBN: 9781846311819

Publication: October 1, 2008

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