Liverpool to Liverpool

Chronicles of an Aimless Journey

Simon Faithfull

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ISBN: 9781846314889

Publication: April 5, 2010

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Liverpool to Liverpool tells the story of an epic journey by Simon Faithfull from Liverpool, UK, to Liverpool, Novia Scotia. Faithfull made about six drawings a day throughout his journey, documenting the minutiae of daily life on land and sea, from Liverpool to Liverpool, with his Palm Pilot. This book includes 181 digital drawings, and Faithfull’s often wry, imagist commentary on the landscapes he was passing through and the humans he encountered - from English Liverpudlians crouched under umbrellas to Canadian Liverpudlians with moustachioed lips and pick-up trucks - as he drew them. The book serves as a reminder of Liverpool’s maritime past, its historical dependence on the shipbuilding industry and transatlantic trade, and the survival of these global connections today. Both the words and images in this fascinating book attest to the survival of the texture and detail of individual everyday lives even in our restlessly mobile world.

Simon Faithfull is an internationally acclaimed artist and Lecturer at the Slade School of Fine Art, London.

Contents From Lime Street to Liverpool: A voyage in pixels, stone and glass by Joe Moran Liverpool-to-Liverpool: 181 drawings - Simon Faithfull Liverpool-to-Liverpool: Diary extracts - Simon Faithfull

Format: Hardback

Size: 210 x 145 mm

224 Pages

ISBN: 9781846314889

Publication: April 5, 2010

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