The Long Road to Peace in Northern Ireland

Peace Lectures from the Institute of Irish Studies at Liverpool University

Edited by Marianne Elliott

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ISBN: 9781846310652

Publication: November 1, 2007

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The best-selling first edition of The Long Road to Peace in Northern Ireland (0853236771) included essays from Senator George J. Mitchell, Sir David Goodall, Sir George Quigley, Lord Owen and Niall O’Dowd among others, and demonstrated the evolution of peace in Ireland, culminating in the Good Friday Agreement. Now Marianne Elliott, one of the world’s leading historians of Ireland, has updated the book and commissioned new essays to ensure that this vital resource for students, scholars, politicians and the interested general reader continues to illuminate the peace process through the words of some of its pivotal figures. The essays all relate to the nature of peacemaking as a process rather than an event signalled by the signing of an agreement. The significant role of ‘third party’ diplomacy is touched on by many contributors, as is the need for pragmatism, compromise, and a recognition that it is those people at the polar extremes of any dispute that have to be drawn in if a lasting agreement is to be achieved.

Professor Marianne Elliott, the Director of the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Irish Studies, is internationally recognised as one of Ireland's leading historians and is best known for her acclaimed biography 'Wolfe Tone: Prophet of Irish Independence' (Yale), which won numerous awards and for 'The Catholics of Ulster: A History' (Penguin).

Acknowledgements List of contributors List of illustrations Introduction - Marianne Elliott Achieving Transformational Change - Sir George Quigley The Resolution of Armed Conflict: Internalization and its Lessons, Particularly in Northern Ireland - Lord David Owen Some Reflections on Successful Negotiation in South Africa - Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert The Secrets of the Oslo Channels: Lessons from Norwegian Peace Facilitation in the Middle East, Central American and the Balkans - Jan Egeland The Awakening: Irish-America’s Key Role in the Irish Peace Process - Niall O’Dowd ‘Give Us Another MacBride Campaign’: An Irish-American Contribution to Peaceful Change in Northern Ireland - Kevin McNamara MP Towards Peace in Northern Ireland - Senator George Mitchell Neither Orange March nor Irish Jig: Finding Compromise in Northern Ireland - Senator Maurice Hayes Mountain-climbing Irish-Style: The Hidden Challenges of the Peace Process - Martin Mansergh The Good Friday Agreement – A Vision for a New Order in Northern Ireland - Peter Mandelson MP Hillborough to Belfast: Is It the Final Lap? - Sir David Goodall Defining Republicanism: Shifting Discourses of New Nationalism and Post-republicanism - Kevin Bean Conflict, Memory and Reconciliation - Paul Arthur Keeping Going: Beyond Good Friday - Harvey Cox Religion and Identity in Northern Ireland - Marianne Elliott Appendices Index

Elliott’s book is a formidable achievement... balanced as well as deeply researched and forcefully written.
Daily Telegraph review of Marianne Elliott’s previous book 'The Catholics of Ulster'  

Format: Paperback

Size: 234 x 156 mm

320 Pages

ISBN: 9781846310652

Publication: November 1, 2007

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