Lost Dramas of Classical Athens

Greek Tragic Fragments

Edited by Fiona McHardy, James Robson, and David Harvey

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ISBN: 9780859897525

Publication: June 10, 2005

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This is the first substantial study of Greek tragedies known to us only from small fragmentary remnants that have survived. The book discusses a variety of Greek tragic fragments from all three of the famous Athenian tragedians: Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. The recent publication of translations of some of these fragments (Sophocles in the Loeb series, and Euripides in the Aris and Phillips series) means that the fragments are now more readily available than ever for study. The large number of extant fragments of ancient Greek tragedy can tell us enormous amounts about that genre and about the society which produced it. Papyrus finds over the last hundred years have drastically altered and supplemented our knowledge of ancient Greek tragedy; the book is at the cutting-edge of research in this field.

David Harvey was, until his retirement, Lecturer in Classics, University of Exeter.

Fiona McHardy is Lecturer in Classics at the University of Reading, and is co-editor of Women's Influence on Classical Civilization (Routledge).

James Robson is Lecturer in Classical Studies at the Open University and has co-written a course book of classical Greek for post-beginners.

Acknowledgements Introduction 1 Fragments and their Collectors Rudolf Kassel, University of Cologne 2 Tragic Thrausmatology: the Study of the Fragments of Greek Tragedy in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries David Harvey, formerly of University of Exeter 3 Euripidean Fragmentary Plays: the Nature of Sources and their Effect on Reconstruction Christopher Collard, The Queen's College, Oxford 4 Lycians in the Cares of Aeschylus Antony G. Keen, Open University 5 Spectral Traces: Ghosts in Tragic Fragments Ruth Bardel, formerly of Somerville College, Oxford 6 Death and Wedding in Aeschylus' Niobe Richard Seaford, University of Exeter 7 From Treacherous Wives to Murderous Mothers: Filicide in Tragic Fragments Fiona McHardy, Roehampton University 8 Tragic Fragments, Ancient Philosophers and the Fragmented Self Christopher Gill, University of Exeter 9 Aristophanes on How to Write Tragedy: What You Wear is What You Are James Robson, Open University 10 HY][PSI][IPYLE: a Version for the Stage David Wiles, Royal Holloway, University of London Bibliography Index of fragmentary plays and ancient passages cited General Index

... remarkable survey of the whole subject that is offered in the first three chapters (only one of which derives from a paper actually presented at the conference). Rudolf Kassel (7-20; originally published in German in 1991) and David Harvey (21-48) between them provide a detailed overview of the entire history of the collection and publication of tragic fragments from 1619 until today (with mention of projects in progress)… Everyone concerned with tragic fragments will need to read the first three chapters (Harvey’s, in particular, is a vital study aid); everyone concerned with any of the plays or themes discussed in the next six will need to read one or more of them – and the last is just a delight.
  Journal of Hellenic Studies, 126

Format: Hardback

Size: 240 x 165 mm

272 Pages

ISBN: 9780859897525

Publication: June 10, 2005

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