Malcolm Lowry

From the Mersey to the World

Edited by Bryan Biggs and Helen Tookey

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ISBN: 9781846312281

Publication: September 21, 2009

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Malcolm Lowry described Liverpool as ‘that terrible city whose main street is the ocean’. Born on the Wirral side of the river Mersey, Lowry’s relationship to the Merseyside of his youth informs all of his writing and Liverpool itself continued to hold tremendous significance for him, even though he never returned. Published in conjunction with a festival and exhibition at Liverpool’s Bluecoat arts centre celebrating Lowry’s centenary, this beautifully produced book showcases a variety of creative and critical approaches to Lowry and his work, and includes twelve specially commissioned pieces of new writing. There is a particular focus on place and on journeys; contributors write from the UK, Europe, Canada and Mexico, and reflect both on Lowry’s ‘voyage that never ends’ and on their own journeys with and through Lowry’s work. The book also demonstrates the richness of Lowry’s influence on contemporary visual artists and includes full colour illustrations throughout. It will be an indispensable companion for anyone interested in the creative legacy of Malcolm Lowry’s life and work.

Bryan Biggs is Artistic Director of The Bluecoat. He is co-editor with John Belchem of 'Liverpool City of Radicals' (LUP, 2011); with Helen Tookey of 'Malcolm Lowry: from the Mersey to the World' (LUP, 2009), and with Julie Sheldon of 'Art in a City Revisited' (LUP, 2009).

Helen Tookey is a successful freelance writer, editor and scholar (clients include Carcanet Press, Tate Liverpool, FACT, Liverpool Biennial) and also a published poet.

Introduction - 'The Voyage that Never Ends': Malcolm Lowry - from the Mersey to the world - Brian Biggs and Helen Tookey Malcolm Lowry - Who He Was and Who I Was and Who I Am - Ian McMillan Lowry's Wirral - Colin Dilnot Elliptical journeys: Malcolm Lowry, Exile and Return - Cian Quayle Lunatic city: Lowry's 'Lunar Caustic' and New York - Michele Gemelos 'It is Not Mexico of Course, but in the Heart...': Lowry seen from Quauhnahuac - Alberto Rebollo 'Lowrytrek': Towards a Psychogeography of Malcolm Lowry's Wirral - Mark Goodall 'No se puede vivir sin amar' - Ailsa Cox 'Eridanus, Liverpool' : Echoes and Transformations at the Edge of Eternity - Annick Drosdal-Levillain Uxorious Prose: Malcolm Lowry's 'October Ferry to Gabriola - Nicholas Murray The Malcolm Lowry Room - Michael Turner Malcolm Lowry's Land - Robert Sheppard Malcolm Lowry: Neglected Genius - Gordon Bowker Lowry Timeline Notes on Contributors Acknowledgments

Malcolm Lowry: From the Mersey to the World is a visually arresting hard-cover volume beautifully and brashly produced by Liverpool University Press. The editors and over twenty other contributors provide a lucid meandering-a sharp-eyed "drifting;' both meditative and documentary, through space and from place to place that resonates with Lowry's resistances to rigidly linear narrative lines and revels in his investigations of spatial depths and circular structures.
  Canadian Literature 208, Spring

Under the Volcano is probably the novel that I have read the most times in my life. I would like not to have to read it any more but that would be impossible, for I shall not rest until I have discovered where its hidden magic lies.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez  

This is a compelling and beautiful book, both to read and to look at.
  The Review of English Studies

Format: Hardback

Size: 250 x 175 mm

160 Pages

ISBN: 9781846312281

Publication: September 21, 2009

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