The Mammals of Cheshire

Cheshire Mammal Group

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ISBN: 9781846311246

Publication: July 1, 2008

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The Mammals of Cheshire provides the first survey of mammals in the Cheshire region for nearly one hundred years. While the majority of chapters cover the region’s main species looking at their distribution, biology and identification, along with up-to-date distribution maps, further chapters cover Cheshire habitats, the history of mammals and their recording and conservation issues. Required reading for all those interested in the county’s natural environment, this richly illustrated volume includes colour photographs and specially commissioned line drawings.

Cheshire Mammal Group encourages the study of mammal species in the Cheshire region.

Preface Acknowledgements Introduction 1. The landscape of Cheshire 2. The history of Cheshire mammals 3. Mammal recording in Cheshire 4. Rodents (Order Rodentia) 5. Rabbits and hares (Order Lagomorpha) 6. Insectivores (Orders Erinaceomorpha and Soricomorpha) 7. Bats (Order Chiroptera) 9. Seals (Order Pinnipedia) 10. Deer (Order Artiodactyla) 11. Whales, porpoises and dolphins (Order Cetcea) 12. Escapes and exotics 13. Conservation action in Cheshire 14. The future for Cheshire mammals Appendix 1. Cheshire region Mammal Action Plans Appendix 2. Mammal legislation Appendix 3. Local groups Appendix 4. National and international mammal organisations Appendix 5. Gazetteer Glossary Further reading Index

Format: Hardback

Size: 264 x 194 mm

208 Pages

ISBN: 9781846311246

Publication: July 1, 2008

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