Murder and Masculinity

Violent Fictions of Twentieth-Century Latin America

Rebecca Biron

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ISBN: 9780853235552

Publication: April 1, 2000

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Rebecca Biron breaks new ground in this study of masculinity, violence, and the strategic construction of collective political identities in twentieth-century Latin American fiction. By engaging current sociological, psychoanalytic, and feminist theories, Murder and Masculinity analyses the cliché of proving virility through violence against women. Biron develops her argument through close readings of five works: Jorge Luis Borges’s ‘La intrusa’, Armonía Somer’s ‘El despojo’, Clarice Lispector’s A Maga no Escuro, Manuel Puig’s The Buenos Aires Affair, and Reinaldo Arenas’s El asalto. Biron argues that the five narratives addressed in this book show that healed masculinities are essential to the achievement of cultural identity and political autonomy in Latin America.

Acknowledgements I Murder and Masculinity An Introduction II Telling Secrets of Brotherly Love Jorge Luis Borges’s “La intrusa” III Fantasies of Erotic Domination Armonia Somers’s “El despojo” IV Crime and Punishment Reconsidered Clarice Lispectoor’s A Maçã no escuro V Genre, Violence, and the Mystery of Masculinity Manuel Puig’s The Buenos Aires Affair VI Revolutionary Matricide, Patricide, Suicide Reinaldo Arenas’s El asalto VIII Murder and Masculinity An Other Look Notes Bibliography Index

The premise of Biron’s book – that the construct of masculinity shows its frailties and contradictions most saliently at the moment in which it asserts its authority most blatantly – is simply brilliant.
Carlos J. Alonso   Emory University

Format: Paperback

Size: 234 x 156 mm

192 Pages

ISBN: 9780853235552

Publication: April 1, 2000

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