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Letters Written by British Travellers on the Grand Tour, 1728–71

Edited by James T. Boulton and T. O. McLoughlin

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ISBN: 9781846318504

Publication: December 12, 2012

Series: Eighteenth-Century Worlds 3

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This book provides a selection of private letters written to family and friends from a variety of people while they were on the Grand Tour in the eighteenth century. Although many have been published previously, this is the first time that letters of this kind have been brought together in a single volume. Readers can compare the various responses of travellers to the sights, pleasures and discomforts encountered on the journey. People of diverse backgrounds, with different expectations and interests, give personal accounts of their particular experiences of the Grand Tour. Unlike most collections of letters from the Tour, which recount the views of a single person, this selection emphasises diversity. Readers can juxtapose for example the letters of a conscientious young nobleman like Lyttelton with those of the excitable philanderer Boswell, or the well-travelled aristocratic lady, Caroline Lennox. While the travellers represented here follow much the same route via Paris, through France and across the Alps via the terrifying Mount Cenis, to Rome, in the pursuit of learning and pleasure, the Tour turns out to mean something quite different to each of them.

James T. Boulton is Emeritus Professor, University of Birmingham; Hon. Professor in the School of English, Bangor University.

T. O. McLoughlin is Emeritus Professor, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier.

Preface Illustrations Acknowledgements ‘Old Style’ and ‘New Style’ dating Map Introduction: ‘The Grand Tour’ The Tourists and their letters: 1728–1730 George Lyttelton 1730–1733 Joseph Spence 1764–1766 James Boswell 1765–1771 James Barry 1766–1767 Caroline Lennox Appendix: Advice for Travellers on the Grand Tour Bibliography Index

... informatively introduced and edited, a continuously absorbing ensemble formed of five notably diverse voices from the Grand Tour.
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Format: Hardback

Size: 239 x 163 mm

293 Pages

ISBN: 9781846318504

Publication: December 12, 2012

Series: Eighteenth-Century Worlds 3

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