Outposts of Empire

Korea, Vietnam and the Origins of the Cold War in Asia, 1949-1954

Stephen Hugh Lee

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ISBN: 9780853239604

Publication: April 1, 1996

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Following World War II the United States, determined to prevent an extension of the influence of the Soviet Union and Communist China, took the lead in organizing the defence of Western interests in Asia. Steven Lee explores the foreign policy objectives of the United States, Canada and Great Britain and examines the role that economic and military aid played in their attempts to establish pro-Western, anti-communist governments on the periphery of communist East Asia. Drawing on a wide range of recently declassified documents, Lee outlines the regional and international context of American diplomatic history in Korea and Vietnam and analyses the relationship between containment, the bi-polar international system, and European and American concepts of empire at the beginning of the era of decolonization. He argues that although policy makers in Canada and the United Kingdom adopted a more defensive containment policy towards Communist China than the United States did, they generally supported American attempts to promote pro-Western elites in Korea and Vietnam. This is an important book for anyone interested in American foreign policy, Anglo-American relations, Asia and the international system and Canadian foreign policy.

Tables Acknowledgements Abbreviations 1. Introduction: The New Empire 2. Informal Empire and Continental East Asia, January-June 1950 3. Containing the Soviet Empire: The North Atlantic Triangle and the Korean War, 1950-1951 4. Defending Southeast Asia: Informal Empire and Containment in Vietnam, 1950-1953 5. The North Atlantic Triangle, China and the Korean Armistice Negotiations, 1951-1953 6. The Political economy of Containment and Detente, 1953-1954 7. A Clash of Empire: The Indochina Conference, 1954 Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index

Format: Paperback

Size: 234 × 156 mm

311 Pages

ISBN: 9780853239604

Publication: April 1, 1996

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