Pirates and Privateers

New Perspectives on the War on Trade in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Edited by David J. Starkey, E.S. Eyck van Heslinga, and J.A. Moor

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ISBN: 9780859894814

Publication: May 1, 1997

Series: Exeter Maritime Studies

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Those travelling on the seas have always been vulnerable to the attacks of predators acting within or without the law. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries such assaults reached new heights as the development of trans-oceanic empires increased massively the wealth and extent of sea-borne trade, and with it the potential for prize-taking.Pirates and Privateers focuses on the character of pirate communities in the Caribbean, the East Indies and China, and on the scale and significance of privateering operations based in the principal European maritime states. It brings together the latest work of an internationally renowned group of scholars to shed fresh light on the fascinating, frequently misunderstood subject of violence at sea in the age of sail.

David J Starkey is Professor of Maritime History and Director of the Maritime Historical Studies Centre at the University of Hull.

E.S. van Eyck van Heslinga is Director of Collections, Netherlands Maritime Museum, Amsterdam.

J.A. de Moor is Associate Professor in History, University of Leiden.

Maps and Tables Figures Notes on Contributors Preface Introduction - DAVID J. STARKEY 1. Government Measures against Piracy and Privateering in the Atlantic Area, 1750-1850 - ROBERT C. RITCHIE 2. Hydrarchy and Libertalia: The Utopian Dimensions of Atlantic Piracy in the Early Eighteenth Century - MARCUS REDIKER 3. Living and Working Conditions in Chinese Pirate Communities, 1750-1850 - DIAN MURRAY 4. Living and Working Conditions in Philippine Pirate Communities, 1750-1850 - GHISLAINE LOYRÉ 5. Piracy in the Eastern Seas, 1750-1850: Some Economic Implications - J. L. ANDERSON 6. Mediterranean Privateering between the Treaties of Utrecht and Paris, 1715-1856: First Reflections - GONÇAL LÓPEZ NADAL 7. A Restless Spirit: British Privateering Enterprise, 1739-1815 - DAVID J. STARKEY 8. Cruising in Colonial Waters: The Organization of North American Privateering in the War of 1812 - FAYE KERT 9. Experience, Skill and Luck: French Privateering Expeditions, 1792-1815 - PATRICK CROWHURST 10. The Organization of a Privateering Expedition by the Middelburgse Commercie Compagnie, 1747-1748 - CORRIE REINDERS FOLMER 11. The Risky Alternative: Dutch Privateering during the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, 1780-1783 - JAN VAN ZIJVERDEN 12. Profit and Neutrality: The Case of Ostend, 1781-1783 - JAN PARMENTIER 13. Privateers, Piracy and Prosperity: Danish Shipping in War and Peace, 1750-1807 - OLE FELDBACK 14. The Voyage of the Bornholm: Danish Convoy Service in the Caribbean, 1780-1781 - ERIK GOEBEL Index

The book is a new and wide-ranging study showing how privateering and piracy played a central role in 18th and 19th century maritime and economic history. All the essays are exceptionally well supported with documentary references. Maps, illustrations, tabulated data and a sound index complete a most satisfying and scholarly study.
  Lloyd's List

... As a quantity of new evidence, intriguingly presented, it is certainly a valuable piece of work.
  The Great Circle, vol. 19, No. 2

... Adds greatly to the corpus of solid research.
  The International History Review

... the inclusion of essays concerning numerous countries allows the opportunity to compare the economic impact of piracy and privateering in a variety of areas.
  International Journal of Maritime History

Format: Hardback

Size: 156 x 234 mm

280 Pages

ISBN: 9780859894814

Publication: May 1, 1997

Series: Exeter Maritime Studies

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