Plato and the City

A New Introduction to Plato's Political Thought

Jean-François Pradeau and translated by Janet Lloyd

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ISBN: 9780859896535

Publication: October 2, 2002

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Plato and the City is a general introduction to Plato's political thought. It covers the main periods of Platonic thought, examining those dialogues that best show how Plato makes the city's unity the aim of politics and then makes the quest for that unity the aim of philosophy. From the psychological model (the city is like a great soul) to the physiological definition (the city is a living being), the reader can traverse the whole of Plato's oeuvre, and understand it as a political philosophy. The book is designed to be an undergraduate textbook but will also be of interest to scholars. It is the first English translation of Platon et la cité, published in French by Presses Universitaires de France in 1997 as part of the series Philosophies, and offers English-speaking readers access to a more unifying continental European reading of Plato than is common in UK or North American scholarship.

Janet Lloyd is one of the best known translators into English of French studies of the Classics; her many translations include for University of Exeter Press 'Plato and the City', by Jean-Francois Pradeau.

Jean-François Pradeau teaches the history of ancient philosophy at the University of Paris-X, Nanterre and previously taught philosophy at the Universities of Bordeaux and Strasbourg.

Translator’s Note Foreword by Christopher Gill Author’s Note Introduction 1. ‘I am no politician’ (Socrates) Socrates against his city The wrecking of the Athenian maritime empire: the 'Menexenus' 14 Political competence 2. The political psychology of the 'Republic' The great soul that is the city Serving the city Political science (and politics) 3. Producing the city: the 'Statesman' The conditions necessary for political technique The object of politics Political demiurgy Laws and ways of life 4. The life of the city: the 'Timaeus-Critias' The world of the city The political living being 5. The city, a world of politics: the 'Laws' The laws of the constitution The constitution of the city The order of the world Conclusion Bibliography Index

Accessible and concise… Pradeau’s book is valuable because it offers a different way into Plato’s political thought than the tired question of Plato’s totalitarianism.
  Polis, Vol. 20 nos. 1 & 2

Although discernibly radical in its approach, it is an accessible volume designed for students and general readers: Pradeau summarises the relevant dialogues, transliterates Greek terms, and translates all passages quoted. [...] Concise, articulate and persuasive.
  JACT Review, vol. 33

A useful introduction for students.
  Oxbow Book News 5, Spring 2003

Format: Hardback

Size: 214 x 134 mm

176 Pages

ISBN: 9780859896535

Publication: October 2, 2002

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