Reading the Irish Woman

Studies in Cultural Encounters and Exchange, 1714–1960

Gerardine Meaney, Mary O’Dowd, and Bernadette Whelan

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ISBN: 9781846318924

Publication: July 31, 2013

Series: Reappraisals in Irish History 2

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The theme of this book is cultural encounter and exchange in Irish women’s lives. Using three case studies: the Enlightenment, emigration and modernism, it analyses reading and popular and consumer culture as sites of negotiation of gender roles. It traces how the circulation of ideas, fantasies and aspirations which have shaped women’s lives in actuality and in imagination and argues that there were many different ways of being a woman. Attention to women’s cultural consumption and production shows that one individual may in one day identify with representations of heroines of romantic fiction, patriots, philanthropists, literary ladies, film stars, career women, popular singers, advertising models and foreign missionaries. The processes of cultural consumption, production and exchange provide evidence of women’s agency, aspirations and activities within and far beyond the domestic sphere.

Bernadette Whelan is Senior Lecturer in the Department of History at the University of Limerick.

Gerardine Meaney is Director of the Humanities Institute of Ireland at University College Dublin.

Mary O’Dowd is Professor in the School of History and Anthropology at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Abbreviations Introduction Enlightenment 1. The Enlightenment, Reading and Irish Women, 1714-1820 2. Educating Women, Patriotism and Public Life, 1770-1845 Emigration 3. The Woman Emigrant Encounters the ‘New World’, c. 1851-1960 4. Women and the ‘American Way’, 1900-60 Modernism 5. Women as Producers and Consumers of Popular Culture, 1900-60 6. Women and the Gate Theatre, 1929-60: Sexual and Aesthetic Dissidences Bibliography Index

Format: Hardback

Size: 239 x 163 mm

272 Pages

ISBN: 9781846318924

Publication: July 31, 2013

Series: Reappraisals in Irish History 2

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