Recreation and the Sea

Edited by Stephen Fisher

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ISBN: 9780859895408

Publication: August 1, 1997

Series: Exeter Maritime Studies

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Leisure studies have become an increasingly important area of research within social history. In six original essays and an Introduction by established historians, RECREATION AND THE SEA focuses on the theme of the sea and leisure activities in England and Continental Europe.

Stephen Fisher until his recent retirement was General Editor of Exeter Maritime Studies; he is now an Honorary Research Fellow in the Exeter Centre for Maritime Historical Studies.

Changing attitudes in England towards sea-bathing, 1730s-1914, John Travis The seaside resorts of Western Europe, 1750-1939, John Walton Coastal tourism in Cornwall since 1900, Paul Thornton Seaside resort strategies - the case of interwar Torquay, Nigel Morgan The rise of English yachting revisited, 1640-1827, Janet Cusak The emergence of middle-class yachting in the north-west of England from the later 19th century, Roger Ryan.

This is a delightful and stimulating volume of essays ... a most worthwhile collection. What adds to the pleasure of reading it is the quality of the maps and the illustrations.
  The Great Circle, Vol. 20, No 2

There is little with which to quibble in this fine collection.
  The Northern Mariner, Vol. VIII, No. 2

[This book] is nicely presented with clear crisp text, good diagrams and relevant photographs. It is also well priced and provides much food for thought and new ideas ... For anyone interested in the history of tourism and recreation this book deserves to be read.
  Progress in Tourism and Hospitality Research, Vol.4, No.2

Taken together the papers in this volume give a good impression of the wide range of issues relating to maritime recreation that are currently engaging scholars. Different as they may be, the papers are all based on thorough historic research in a variety of different sources. The result is a combination of well-argued corrections to traditional views and new knowledge in hitherto unknown areas. I can strongly recommend this book both as a good example of historic craftmanship and as a most inspiring study of maritime leisure activities.
  International Journal of Maritime History

Format: Paperback

Size: 230 x 146 mm

192 Pages

ISBN: 9780859895408

Publication: August 1, 1997

Series: Exeter Maritime Studies

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