Shipping Movements in the Ports of the United Kingdom, 1871-1913

David J. Starkey

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ISBN: 9780859896160

Publication: May 1, 1999

Series: Exeter Maritime Studies

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This volume provides quantitative data pertaining to shipping movements in each of the Customs Ports of the UK from 1871 to 1913. Drawn from the annual statistical accounts published by central government, these data offer indices of the nation’s sea-borne trade and shipping traffic, disaggregated by port. It is intended that this publication will provide one of the building blocks with which an analysis of the maritime dimension of the British economy can be constructed.

David J Starkey is Professor of Maritime History and Director of the Maritime Historical Studies Centre at the University of Hull.

Acknowledgements Introduction Sources and Methods Abbreviations The Tables: Series One: Tonnage Entering and Clearing in the Foreign Trade of UK Ports, 1871-1906, by Region of Origin and Destination: English & Welsh Ports Scottish Ports Irish Ports National Aggregates Series Two: Shipping Movements in the Foreign and Coastal Trades of UK Ports, 1873-1913 (including separate figures for sail and steam): English & Welsh Ports Scottish Ports Irish Ports National Aggregates Isle of Man Channel Islands

This volume will without doubt be of great utility to researchers in maritime history both for the data it makes accessible and the introduction, which provides valuable background on the compilation of the Annual Statement and discusses problems of definition and usage ... The volume is handsomely and strongly bound and, crucial in a reference work of statistics, the tables are admirably clear and easily read. All in all, this is an important reference volume and working tool for all those engaged in the study of British shipping during the era when it was most dominant.
  Northern Mariner, Vol. X, No. 2

This book makes available for the first time extensive statistics of the greatest value for assessing the progress of British shipping in particular ports. It is essential reference material for students of maritime and general and regional economic history and, as such, should be on the bookshelf of every serious library. We owe a great debt to its compilers.
  International Journal of Maritime History

This book will come as both a relief and a blessing to many a maritime historian and researcher, abolishing, as it surely will do in all but the most extreme and specialised of circumstances, long hours immersed in the Annual Statements of Navigation and Shipping ... David Starkey and his whole team, including those at the University of Exeter Press, are to be congratulated on a fine book, nicely done. This is a purpose realised.
  The Mariner’s Mirror

Format: Hardback

Size: 249 x 165 mm

396 Pages

ISBN: 9780859896160

Publication: May 1, 1999

Series: Exeter Maritime Studies

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