Stanislaw Lem: Selected Letters to Michael Kandel

Stanislaw Lem and translated by Peter Swirski

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ISBN: 9781781380178

Publication: July 31, 2014

Series: Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies 46

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Stanislaw Lem died on 26 March, 2006 but in this book his voice can be heard afresh for the benefit of all those who believe that, with his passing, a quintessential element of twentieth-century artistic and intellectual heritage has come to an end. Peter Swirski’s edited and annotated translation of Lem’s fifteen-year correspondence with his principal American translator offers an unparalleled testimony to the raw intellectual powers, smouldering literary passions, and abiding personal concerns from the central period of the writer’s life and career. Even as they reposition Lem as a consummate litterateur and an intellectual oracle, the letters reveal tantalizing glimpses of the man behind the giant. Fighting depression, at times hitting the bottle, plagued by ill health, obsessed by his legacy, driven to distraction by lack of appreciation in the United States, Lem the arch-rationalist emerges here at his most human, vulnerable, and... likeable.

Stanislaw Lem was the internationally acclaimed author of many books, and has been cited as the most widely read science fiction writer in the world.

Introduction Letters, 1972-1987 Appendices Select Bibliography Index

In those moments when Lem pauses and steps away from his career as author and critic, he reveals himself as a man continually haunted by the Holocaust, as an irascible elder aware of his foibles, and an imaginative philosophe.
  SFRA Review

Lem emerges from Peter Swirski’s mastery of his subject in both the stunning breadth of his genius and a humanity forged by the nightmare of modern Polish history.
Ken Krabbenhoft  
New York University

Utterly absorbing, absolutely first-rate Lem and first-rate Swirski.
Nicholas Ruddick  
University of Regina

Format: Hardback

Size: 239 x 163 mm

170 Pages

ISBN: 9781781380178

Publication: July 31, 2014

Series: Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies 46

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