Time & Motion

Redefining Working Life

Edited by Emily Gee and Jeremy Myerson

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ISBN: 9781846319662

Publication: December 2, 2013

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At a time of structural changes in the labour market, growing youth unemployment and sharp transitions in business practice to address global recession, the subject of rethinking working life is both relevant and timely. Time & Motion re-examines the relevance of our traditional notions of the eight-hour day, in particular the effects of digital technology on patterns of working life and on digital public space. Amid the new realities of a globalised experience economy and a working environment that is increasingly distributed, virtualised and digital, our definitions of production and consumption, work and recreation are becoming increasingly blurred. This book seeks to redefine our understanding of working life by documenting and describing contemporary artworks commissioned on this theme, and to provide some theoretical building blocks with essays by key thinkers in the field. Emerging from a collaboration between the Royal College of Art’s Creative Exchange (CX) Hub and FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology),Time & Motion will be required reading for anyone interested in the ways in which the digital revolution has altered the fabric of society.

Emily Gee is a curator at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool.

Jeremy Myerson is the Helen Hamlyn Professor of Design at the Royal College of Art, London, and the author of many books on the workplace, including The 21st Century Office and New Demographics New Workspace.

SECTION 1: LABOUR 0.1 Foreword - Christopher Frayling 0.2 Introduction - Emily Gee and Jeremy Myerson 0.3 Marking Time - Adrian McEwen and Diamandini Mari Velonaki 1.1 Essay Tracks of Digital Labour - Georgina Voss Punchcard Economy - Sam Meech Laborers of Love - Stephanie Rothenberg and Jeff Crouse Minimum Wage Machine - Blake Fall-Conroy 1.2 Essay The Value of Time Spent - Mike Stubbs One Pound - Oliver Walker Recruit Agency - Inari Wishiki 75 Watt - Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen 1.3 Essay Videogames and the Spirit of Capitalism - Paolo Pedericini To Build a Better Mousetrap - Molleindustria iPaw - Electroboutique SECTION 2: REPRESENTATION 2.1 Essay Workers leaving the Factory - Harun Farocki Workers Leaving the Factory - Harun Farocki Workers Leaving the Googleplex - Andrew Norman Wilson Dream Factory - Andrew Norman Wilson and Aily Nash 2.2 Essay A Cinematic Time and Motion Study - Richard Koeck 2.3 Essay Mind Over Media - Bronac Ferran Die Falle - Gregory Barsamian Timelines - Ellie Harrison SECTION 3: SPACE 3.1 Essay Sensors and Serendipity in Architectural Space - Jeremy Myerson and Philip Ross A New Product - Harun Farocki Defrag Life - Alon Meron 3.2 Essay Work and Wellbeing in Digital Public Space - Ben Dalton and John Fass Redefining Working Life - The Creative Exchange 4.0 Biographies Artist Credits

Format: Paperback

Size: 210 x 148 mm

160 Pages

ISBN: 9781846319662

Publication: December 2, 2013

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