Tragedy, Euripides and Euripideans

Edited by Christopher Collard

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ISBN: 9781904675730

Publication: September 20, 2007

Series: Bristol Phoenix Press Essays

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This new volume represents forty years of scholarship. Of the twenty papers collected here, thirteen explore tragedy in general and Euripides in particular, but with emphasis on textual questions – transmission, interpretation, verbal criticism – and dramatic form. The other seven evaluate important Euripidean scholars from the 17th to the 19th centuries including Joshua Barnes, Jeremiah Markland, S. Musgrave, Peter Elmsely and J.H. Monk.The book’s material is divided into three thematic sections: ‘Tragedy’, ‘Euripides’ and ‘Euripideans’. All papers have been corrected and revised, and supplemented with further matter, chiefly a recent and full biography.

Christopher Collard was Professor of Classics at the University of Swansea until 1996 and has published widely on tragedy and scholars of tragedy. His work includes editions with commentary of Euripides, Suppliant Women (1975, 1984) and Hecuba (1991), and he is co-editor of Selected Fragmentary Plays of Euripides (1995, 2004).

Preface Acknowledgements Tragedy 1. The Study of Greek Tragedy [1976] 2. On Stichomythia [1980] 3. On the Tragedian Chaeremon [1970] 4. The 'Pirithous' Fragments [1993] 5 Athenaeus, the Epitome, Eustathius and Quotations from Tragedy [1969] 6. Review of James Diggle, 'Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta Selecta' (Oxford, 1998) [1999] Euripides 7. Three Scribes in Laurentianus 32.2? [1963] 8. The Funeral Oration in Euripides’ 'Supplices' [1972] 9. The Date of Euripides’ 'Suppliants' and the Date of Tim Rice’s Chess [1990] 10. The Stasimon Euripides, 'Hecuba' 905–52 [1990] 11. A Proposal for a Lexicon to Euripides (with incidental remarks on the methodology of specialist dictionaries) [1971] 12. Review of James Diggle, 'Euripidis Fabulae' Tomus II (Oxford Classical Text, 1981) and 'Studies on the Text of Euripides' (Oxford, 1981) [1984] 13. Review of James Diggle, 'Euripidis Fabulae' Tomus I (Oxford Classical Text, 1984) [1986] Euripideans 14. Two Early Collectors of Euripidean Fragments: Dirk Canter (1545–1617) and Joshua Barnes (1654–1712) [1995] 15. Jeremiah Markland (1693–1776) [1976] 16. Samuel Musgrave (1732–80) [2004] 17. Peter Elmsley (1774–1825) [2004] 18. James Henry Monk (1784–1856) [2004] 19. Charles Badham (1813–84) [1993] 20. F.A. Paley (1816–88) [1996] Christopher Collard: Publications Index

La richesse et la sûreté des informations rassemblées font de ce livre une mine de connaissances pour le lecteur, à quelque niveau qu’il se situe. On se plait à suivre la demarche scientifique exigeante d’un chercheur dont le but ultime est de nous fair partager son estime et son admiration raisonée pour l’œuvre des Tragiques d’Athènes.
  Revue des Études Grecques

This handsome volume, its cover splendidly embossed with a silver E from a woodblock in Joshua Barnes’ Euripides of 1694, is rightly heralded by the leading Cambridge Euripidean James Diggle as “a volume of rare excellence and lasting value”. All students and scholars interested in Greek tragedy and the history of classical scholarship should certainly get hold of it.
James Morwood   The Journal of Classics Teaching, No. 14

Fundamental, authoritative, and ground-breaking on their first publication, these papers, now thoroughly revised and updated, ranging over problems both general and complex in the study of Greek tragedy, the history of classical scholarship, and above all Euripides, form a volume of rare excellence and lasting value.
James Diggle  

Format: Hardback

Size: 240 x 165 mm

288 Pages

ISBN: 9781904675730

Publication: September 20, 2007

Series: Bristol Phoenix Press Essays

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