Transvisuality: The Cultural Dimension of Visuality (Vol. I)

Boundaries and Creative Openings

Edited by Tore Kristensen, Anders Michelsen, and Frauke Wiegand

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ISBN: 9781846318917

Publication: August 8, 2013

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In the passage from new media and tabloid culture, over political spin, branding and experience economy, to city scapes, design, and art in contemporary society, visual culture—visuality, ‘the visual’, ‘the image world’—is a key denominator. The book is the first volume of the project Transvisuality in three volumes, initiated by University of Copenhagen and Liverpool University Press. It collects leading scholars from all parts of the world in a scrutiny of what the visual means today. It builds on the debates on visual culture and visuality in the past decades studies of culture, but expands on these debates from the perspectives of theory, analysis and design. It shows how the visual impacts on the current world and transcends the most different aspects of the social: how the visual becomes transvisual by adapting and creating culture in the global, translocal world. It ultimately addresses the pervasive but puzzling claim of contemporary research that ‘the world has become more visual’ and tries to answer it. In the first volume the issue of the dimension of the visual is a paramount theme, seen from different interdisciplinary angles. Whether approaches are prone to nominalism and discourse or to issues of cognition and framing, the question of what the visual is and what impacts may pertain to it remains a fundamental challenge to cultural research.

Anders Michelsen is Associate Professor of Visual Culture at the University of Copenhagen.

Frauke Wiegand is PhD fellow in Visual Culture at the University of Copenhagen.

Tore Kristensen is Professor of Strategic Design at Copenhagen Business School.

Notes on Contributors Illustrations Introduction ANDERS MICHELSEN, TORE KRISTENSEN & FRAUKE WIEGAND PART A THE VISUAL AND VISUALITY 1. Magical Nominalism: Photography and the Re-enchantment of the World MARTIN JAY 2. Thinking with the Eyes. Philosophical and Visual Matrices JEAN-JACQUES WUNENBURGER 3. The Performing Image, or How the Visual Dimension is Enacted by Pictures CHIARA CAPPELLETTO 4. Forgotten Twins: Reason and Visuality FREDERIK STJERNFELT 5. Seeing Double: The Deep Core of the Imagination PETER MURPHY 6. The Creative Dimension of Visuality – On Merleau-Ponty and Castoriadis ANDERS MICHELSEN 7. The Wrath of Image: Violent Origins of Art as Technè and its Contemporary Aftermath. Anthropogony in the Era of the Artificial NICOLETTA ISAR PART B VISUAL STUDIES 8. General Image Science and Interdisciplinary Research on Images KLAUS SACHS-HOMBACH & HELLMUT WINTER 9. Lines of Thought BARBARA TVERSKY 10. Seeing Together. Towards a Shared Anthropology with Visual Tools TROND WAAGE 11. Dimensions of The Out of Field. A Contemporary Reading of Deleuzian Cinematics MORTEN MELDGAARD 12. Atrocity Media: Negotiating the Abject in Images of Torture and Death MAX LILJEFORS 13. Framing through the senses: Sight and sound in the shaping of everyday life EDUARDO DE LA FUENTE & MICHAEL WALSH 14. Reconfiguring Visual Studies and Visual Competencies. Observations and Propositions LUC PAUWELS

Recommended. Graduate students through faculty/researchers.
  Choice, vol. 51 no. 07

Format: Hardback

Size: 239 x 163 mm

261 Pages

ISBN: 9781846318917

Publication: August 8, 2013

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