Wolfe Tone

Second edition

Marianne Elliott

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ISBN: 9781846318078

Publication: August 6, 2012

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Theobald Wolfe Tone (1763-1798) was the founder of Irish Republican nationalism. As such his political ideas and the circumstances of his life and early death have become powerful political weapons in the hands of later nationalists. Today his name still arouses strong passions and he is hailed as the first prophet of an independent Ireland. Published originally in 1989, Marianne Elliott’s book was the first major biography of Tone, using a wealth of new material to examine his personal life and public actions. Tracing him from his upbringing as a member of the Protestant elite, through his involvement in Irish radical politics, his exile in America, his secret negotiations with the French and return to Ireland with a French invasion force, to his trial for treason and his suicide while awaiting execution, it was a monumental publication that won numerous awards and gained much praise. This second edition brings this award-winning book up to date with new scholarship, new historical insights and fresh insights by Professor Marianne Elliott herself, making a crucial publication for all scholars and readers of Irish history.

Professor Marianne Elliott, the Director of the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Irish Studies, is internationally recognised as one of Ireland's leading historians and is best known for her acclaimed biography 'Wolfe Tone: Prophet of Irish Independence' (Yale), which won numerous awards and for 'The Catholics of Ulster: A History' (Penguin).

List of Illustrations and Maps Acknowledgements A Tribute to Kay Dickason Introduction Part I Early Life (1763–1790) 1. Family and Education 2. Sentimental Schooling 3. Middle Temple 4. Gentleman of the Law Part II Politics (1790–1791) 5. Whig 6. Radical Part III Across the Religious Divide (1791) 7. Anti-Popery and the Rise of Presbyterian Radicalism 8. Argument on Behalf of the Catholics 9. Belfast and the Society of United Irishmen Part IV Agent to the Catholics (1792–1793) 10. Uniting the Sects 11. Catholic Agent 12. Mission to the North 13. Ascendancy on the Attack 14. Catholic Convention 15. Hopes Dashed Part V War Crisis (1793) 16. Witch Hunt 17. The United Irish Society in Disarray Part VI Revolutionary (1794–1795) 18. Treason 19. Emergence of a Revolutionary 20. Exile in America Part VII Mission to France (1796–1797) 21. Republican ‘Ambassador’ in Paris 22. Irish Invasion Plans 23. Adjutant-General 24. Bantry Bay 25. Roving Mission in Northern Europe 26. Demise of Hoche Part VIII Final Days (1797–1798) 27. Mission in Decline 28. Crisis 29. Trial and Death 30. Aftermath Conclusion: The Cult of Tone Notes Select Bibliography Index

... Elliott is to be commended for this remarkable portrait.
  Irish Literary Supplement, Fall

An accomplished, beautifully written biography that is essential reading for anyone interested in late eighteenth-century Irish history. . . . Immensely readable and extremely informative.
John Newsinger   Labour History Review

The first large-scale biography of the Irish nationalist.
  The Bookseller

Admirably written, and well illustrated.
Brian Fallon   The Irish Times

[A] beautifully written biography . . . its major fresh contribution to historical understanding is perhaps in the picture it gives of Tone in his pre-French, pre-Revolutionary days. She treads adroitly through what is still a politically loaded subject, using a very solid basis of research to dispose of myths in the subsequent cult of Tone. . . . Her able deployment of the wealth of material that has come to light since Frank MacDermot wrote in 1939, makes this undoubtedly the best biography of Tone available and easily the best written."—
Michael Duffy   French History

[A] detailed and compelling biography of Ireland's major revolutionary figure of the eighteenth and twentieth centuries. . . . The figure which emerges from these pages is far more complicated and humane than the icon which myth has long projected. He appears more vulnerable, less powerful and, for all this, more heroic. . . . The most important, and even compelling aspect of this work is the liberation of Tone and his thought from the polemical trap in which he has long been ensnared."—
Kevin O'Neill   Social History

A splendid scholarly portrait of the man behind the myth, the only one ever likely to be needed. . . . A fine complement to Tone's delightful autobiography.
Robert Kee   The Independent on Sunday

There have been many accounts of these events, but none so well documented as that given by Marianne Elliott. Partners in Revolution is a veritable tour de force.
John W. Boyle   Albion

Sheds much new light both on Tone and his times; and . . . it prompts new and more informed discussion of that key decade in the modern history of Ireland, the 1790s.
Tom Bartlett   Linen Hall Review

A major academic achievement.
Maurice R. O'Connell   Catholic Historical Review

Format: Hardback

Size: 239 × 163 mm

544 Pages

ISBN: 9781846318078

Publication: August 6, 2012

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