Zachary Macaulay 1768-1838

The Steadfast Scot in the British Anti-Slavery Movement

Iain Whyte

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ISBN: 9781846316968

Publication: October 3, 2011

Series: Liverpool Studies in International Slavery 5

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In 1833 Thomas Fowell Buxton, the parliamentary successor to William Wilberforce, proposed a toast to ‘the anti-slavery tutor of us all. - Mr. Macaulay.’ Yet Zachary Macaulay’s considerable contribution to the ending of slavery in the British Empire has received scant recognition by historians. This book seeks to fill that gap, focussing on his involvement with slavery and anti-slavery but also examining the people and events that influenced him in his life’s work. It traces his Scottish roots and his torrid account of years as a young overseer on a Jamaican plantation. His accidental stumbling into the anti-slavery circle through a family marriage led to formative years in the government of the free colony of Sierra Leone dealing with settlers, slave traders, local chiefs and a French invasion. His return to Britain in 1799 began nearly forty years of research, writing, and reporting in the long campaign to get rid of what he described as ‘this foul stain on the nation.’ James Stephen rated him as the most feared and hated foe of slave interests. His weaknesses and failures are explored alongside his unswerving commitment to the cause to which he gave his energy, sacrificed his business interests, and saw as a natural result of his strong religious faith. This book is a result of extensive research of Macaulay’s own prolific writings and seeks to illustrate the man behind them, his passions and his prejudices, his steely resolve and his personal shyness, above all his willingness to work unremittingly in the background, generating the power to drive the engine of anti-slavery to victory.

Rev. Dr. Iain Whyte is a minister of the Church of Scotland and an Honarary Post-Doctoral Fellow of the University of Edinburgh. He was formerly Chaplain to the Universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

Foreword Acknowledgements Abbreviations List of Illustrations Chronology Introduction 1. From Inverary to the Sierra Leone River 2. Slave Traders and French Invaders 3. Captive in Love--to Selina Mills 4. The Trials of the Governor 5. Caught in a Multitude of Tasks 6. Clapham, Family and Friends 7. Attempting to Win France for Abolition 8. 'Let Us Look it Up in Macaulay'--The Anti-Slavery Arms Manufacturer 9. Commerce and Conflict 10. Triumph and Tragedy on the Path to Glory 11. As Others Saw Him--As We Might Assess Him Bibliography Index

This is an overdue, fascinating and carefully researched account of one of Scotland’s unsung heroes.
  Lord David Steel, former Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament

A solidly researched and well written book that provides a much needed modern critical biographical study on the forgotten abolitionist, Zachary Macaulay.
Catherine Hall  
University College London

Format: Hardback

Size: 239 x 163 mm

263 Pages

ISBN: 9781846316968

Publication: October 3, 2011

Series: Liverpool Studies in International Slavery 5

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