The Battle of Crécy

A Casebook

Edited by Michael Livingston and Kelly De Vries

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ISBN: 9781781384442

Publication: November 3, 2015

Series: Liverpool Historical Casebooks

Winner of the Society for Military History Distinguished Book Award 2017

This casebook is the most extensive collection of documents ever assembled for the study of one of the famous battles in history. Here we see the Battle of Crécy across the cultural landscape of Europe — through chronicles and letters, through poems and prophecies, through sermons and laments — enabling us to understand the events of 26 August 1346 like never before. Together with other experts, the editors have gathered, edited, and translated over 80 fourteenth-century sources concerning this fascinating and important conflict — sources from Bohemia to France, from Italy to Wales — many here printed or translated for the first time. Original essays provide historical context and literary background to help interpret the battle in light of this new material. Among the discoveries: despite its fame, the location of the battle has been misidentified for centuries, and the actions of the men on both sides of the bloodied field have been completely misunderstood. This unparalleled accumulation of material means that the Battle of Crécy will never be seen in the same way again.

Kelly DeVries is Professor of History, Loyola University Maryland, an Honorary Historical Consultant with the Royal Armouries, Leeds, and often appears in television documentaries as an expert commentator on warfare in the Middle Ages.

Michael Livingston is Associate Professor of English at The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina and author of 'The Battle of Brunanburh: A Casebook' (2011) and 'Owain Glyndwr: A Casebook' (2013).


An immense collection, followed by a thorough and renewed reflection on a battle as essential to the history of France.

...The remarkable volume … is unlike any previous study of the battle of Crécy.
...The gathering together of this vast range of source materials into a single volume and offering new translations would, in itself, present a remarkable achievement.
...offers striking new insights about the campaign of 1346 and the battle itself.
...offers unprecedented access to the sources for the campaign of 1346 and the battle of Crécy both to scholars and to students.

David Bachrach   The Medieval Review

Format: Ebook

ISBN: 9781781384442

Publication: November 3, 2015

Series: Liverpool Historical Casebooks

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