Tirso de Molina: Damned for Despair

Translated by Nicholas G. Round

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ISBN: 9780856683299

Publication: December 1, 1986

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Fray Gabriel TUllez, who wrote under the pen-name of Tirso de Molina, is the third great dramatist (with Lope de Vega and Calder¾n) of the 17th century Spanish theatre. If Lope heads all the rest for sheer inventive vitality and Calder¾n for well-wrought poetic and intellectual substance, Tirso is supreme as a creator of character. Best known for his Trickster of Seville, the original Don Juan play, he produced others no less remarkable, of which Damned for Despair is one of the greatest. Paulo, the hermit whose obsession with his own salvation drives him to rebel against God, and Enrico, the Neapolitan gangster, drawn to repentance in spite of himself, are creations just as memorable as Don Juan Tenorio. Their strangely linked destinies make for a spiritual and psychological drama of extraordinary intensity and continuing relevance.

Preface Abbreviations Bibliography Introduction i. El condenado por desconfiado and its author ii. Dating, sources, doctrine iii. The making of El condenado: Themes, forms and characters iv. The poetry of El codenado por desconfiado the translation Notes to the introduction The play and commentary introductory note Act one Jornada primera Act two Jornada segunda Act three Jornada tercera

Format: Hardback

Size: 210 x 149 mm

300 Pages

ISBN: 9780856683299

Publication: December 1, 1986

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