Francisco de Quevedo: Dreams and Discourses

Translated by R. K. Britton

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ISBN: 9780856683527

Publication: January 1, 1989

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The Suenos is one of the most controversial, witty and fantastic works of early 17th century Spanish literature. The five Dreams minutely analyse stupidity, ignorance and evil, as these could be found in contemporary society. The work's serious moral intention, often masked by the author's pointed anger, scabrous wit, wide learning, love of verbal gymnastics and surreal flights of imaginative fantasy, has for 350 years presented a challenge to the translator and the student of Hispanic culture outside the Spanish speaking world. This first full English translation of the Suenos since 1688 is accompanied by the Spanish text, and Dr Britton's own introduction and notes help the modern reader to understand the numerous historical and literary references, to elucidate the various linguistic devices and to sketch in the intellectual, moral and religious background of the text. Spanish text with facing-page translation, introduction and notes.

Translator's note Introduction Dreams: The dream of the last judgement The bedevilled constable The vision of hellv The world from the inside The dream of death Notes

Format: Hardback

Size: 210 × 149 mm

367 Pages

ISBN: 9780856683527

Publication: January 1, 1989

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