Cervantes: Exemplary Novels 4 Lady Cornelia, The Deceitful Marriage, The Dialogue of the Dogs Lady Cornelia, The Deceitful Marriage, The Dialogue of the Dogs

John Jones and John Macklin

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ISBN: 9780856684975

Publication: January 1, 1992

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Lady Cornelia tells the story of two Spanish gentlemen, Don Juan de Gamboa and Don Antonio de Isunza, who become students in Bologna where, through chance events, Don Juan harbous a recently born child and aids an individual against a group of attackers. Don Antonio, meanwhile, whelters a lady who has sought his protection. As they relate these experiences to each other, events link up: the lady is beautiful Cornelia Bentibolli, the child her secret son by the Duke of Ferrara who is the victim of the attackers led by Lorenzo, Cornelia's brother, seeking revenge on the Duke. Eventually, Cornelia, the Duke and their son are united, Lorenzo and the Duke reconciled, and Don Juan and Don Antonio earn everyone's gratitude and friendship. The Deceitful Marriage is the story of a soldier who enters into marriage for wrong and selfish motives and who recieves is hust reward at the hands of his wife, who proves to be equally decietful. The Dialogue of the Dogs recounts an overheard conversation between two dogs Cipion and Berganza, in which one of them tells of his life in picaresque fashion, in a narrative which is interspersed with moral and philisophical insights while providing a critical perspective on contemporary Spanish society. Spanish text with facing-translation, introduction and notes.

John Macklin is Professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Glasgow and Head of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster. In 1994, he was made a Commandor of the Order of Isabella the Catholic by King Juan Carlos for his services to Spanish studies. His many publications include an edition of Unamuno Abel Sanchez in this series.


Format: Hardback

Size: 210 x 149 mm

167 Pages

ISBN: 9780856684975

Publication: January 1, 1992

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