Pere Calders

The Virgin of the Railway (La verge de les vies) and Other Stories

Translated by Amanda Bath

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ISBN: 9780856685477

Publication: May 1, 1991

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A first opportunity for English readers to sample some of the best short stories by the contemporary Catalan writer, Pere Calders. His award-winning fiction, the fruit of more than fifty years of intense literary creativity, are well-represented in this volume. Calders' 'magic realist' vision, his playful depiction of man's struggles for survival in a 20th century urban environment and his humorous tales of 'science' and the supernatural, will appeal to young and old alike. Spanish text with facing-page translation, introduction and foreword by Geoffrey Pridham.

Foreword Introductin: Pere Calders' life and times Calder's short stories Humour in Calder's work The message4 of Calders Stories: 1. The Virgin of the Railway/La verge de les vies 2. An American Curio/Una curiositat americana 3. Russian Roulette/Ruleta russa 4. Tomorrow at Three in the Morning/Dema, a les tres de la matinada 5. The Best Friend/El milor amic 6. The Golden Age/L'edat d'or 7. The Express/ L'expres 8. Natural History/ Historia natural 9. The Domestic Tree/L'arbre domestic 10. Hedera Helix/L'"Hedera Helix" 11. The Spiral/L'espiral Bibliography Illustrations.

Format: Paperback

160 Pages

ISBN: 9780856685477

Publication: May 1, 1991

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