Jerusalem Pilgrims Before the Crusades

John Wilkinson

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ISBN: 9780856687464

Publication: April 1, 2002

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Hundreds of pilgrims set out from Europe to the Holy Land between 385 and 1099 AD, but of these only eighteen wrote descriptions which have survived. They provide essential background material for the history of Christianity in the Holy Land, as well as for all archaeologists and geographers of the Byzantine and Early Arab period. In this companion volume to Wilkinson's Egeria's Travels , these texts are translated and wherever possible related to archaeological work. With maps and indexes, the reader is provided with a vivid picture of the physical conditions of travel and the development of Christian prayer in the Holy Places. This second edition is updated and expanded.

Revd Dr John Wilkinson was Director of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem between 1979 and 1984.

For those who have traveled to Jerusalem and the holy places this great labor of love will be a delight.'

Format: Paperback

Size: 210 × 149 mm

432 Pages

ISBN: 9780856687464

Publication: April 1, 2002

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