Thucydides History

Book 1

Peter J. Rhodes

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ISBN: 9781908343963

Publication: November 11, 2014

Series: Aris & Phillips Classical Texts

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With this edition of book I P. J. Rhodes provides the ‘prequel' to his editions of Thucydides' books on the Archidamian War (II, III and IV. 1 - V. 24). As before he provides an Introduction on Thucydides' history and on the Peloponnesian War, a Greek text with selective critical apparatus and facing translation, and a commentary which should be useful both to specialists and to readers with little or no Greek, and which assumes no previous acquaintance with Thucydides. Matters of text and language are discussed where necessary, but the emphasis is on Thucydides' subject-matter — the Peloponnesian War presented as the greatest war in Greek history, and accounts of the events directly leading to the war and of the growth of Athenian power since the Persian Wars which explain why this war between the two great powers of fifth-century Greece was fought — and on the way in which he has treated it.

P. J. Rhodes was Professor of Ancient History and is now Honorary Professor and Emeritus Professor at the University of Durham. He wrote the Introduction and Notes for the Oxford World’s Classics translation of Thucydides and is writing a book on Thucydides for Bloomsbury; and his other books include The Athenian Boule, A Commentary on the Aristotelian Athenaion Politeia, A History of the Classical Greek World, 478–323 B.C., and in 2014 A Short History of Ancient Greece.

Map of Greece and the Aegean

 1. Thucydides and his History
 2. The Pentecontaetia and the Peloponnesian War
 3. Summary of Book I
 4. Abbreviations used in Critical Apparatus

Θουκυδίδου Ξυγγραφῆς Α / Thucydides: History I


Format: Paperback

200 Pages

ISBN: 9781908343963

Publication: November 11, 2014

Series: Aris & Phillips Classical Texts

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