A Companion to Ezra Pound's Guide to Kulchur

Anderson Araujo

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ISBN: 9781942954392

Publication: January 18, 2018

Series: Clemson University Press

Published in 1938, Guide to Kulchur encapsulates Ezra Pound’s chief concerns: his cultural, historiographic, philosophical, and epistemological theories; his aesthetics and poetics; and his economic and political thought. In its fifty-eight chapters and postscript, it constitutes an interdisciplinary and transhistorical cultural anthropology that exemplifies his slogan for the renovation of ancient wisdom for current use—“ Make It New.” Though wildly encyclopedic, allusive and recursive, Guide to Kulchur is inescapable in any serious study of Pound. A Companion to Ezra Pound’s Guide to Kulchur addresses the formidable interpretive challenges his most far-reaching prose tract presents to the reader. Providing page-by-page glosses on key terms and passages in Guide, the Companion also situates Pound’s allusions and references in relation to other texts in his vast body of work, especially The Cantos. Striking a balance between rigorous scholarly standards and readerly accessibility, the bookis designed to meet the needs of the specialist while keeping the critical apparatus unobtrusive so as also to appeal to students and the general public. A long-needed resource, A Companion to Ezra Pound’s Guide to Kulchur makes a lasting contribution to thestudy of one of the most influential and controversial literary figures of the twentieth century.

Anderson Araujo, Assistant Professor of English, University of British Columbia.

Frontispiece to Preface

I. Section I.
1: Digest of the Analects
2: The New Learning Part One
3: Sparta 776 B.C.
4: Totalitarian
5: Zweck or the Aim

Section II.
6: Vortex
7: Great Bass: Part One
8: Ici Je Teste
9: Tradition

II. Section III.
10: Guide
11: Italy
12: Aeschylus and…
13: Monumental
Section IV.
14: The History of Philosophy is…?

III. Section V.
15: Values
16: Europe or the Setting
17: Sophists
18: Kulchur: Part One
19: Kulchur: Part Two
20: March 12th
21: Textbooks
Section VI.
22: Savoir Faire
23: The New Learning: Part Two
24: Examples of Civilization
25: Books “About”
26: On Answering Critics

IV. Section VII.
27: Maxims of Prudence
28: Human Wishes
 Section VIII.
29: Guide to Kulchur
30: The Proof of the Pudding
31: Canti
32: The Novel and So Forth
33: Precedents
34: On Arriving and Not Arriving
35: Praise Song of the Buck-Hare
36: Time-Lag
37: The Culture of an Age
Section IV.
38: Education or Information
39: Neo-platonicks Etc.
40: Losses
41: Odes: Risks
42: Great Bass: Part Two
43: Tone

V. Section X.
44: Government
45: The Recurring Decimal
46: Decline of the Adamses
47: Royalty and All That
Section XI.
48: Arabia Deserta
49: Kung
50: Chaucer was Framed?
51: Happy Days
52: Promised Land

VI. Section XII.
53. Study of Physiognomy
54: And Therefore Tending
55: Pergamena Deest
56: Watch the Beaneries
 Section XIII.
57: Epilogue
58: To Recapitulate

Addenda: 1952

Format: Ebook

496 Pages

ISBN: 9781942954392

Publication: January 18, 2018

Series: Clemson University Press

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