Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 14

Focusing on Jews in the Polish Borderlands

Edited by Antony Polonsky

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ISBN: 9781874774709

Publication: October 1, 2001

Series: Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry 14

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The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, created in 1569, covered a wide spectrum of faiths and languages. The nobility, who were the main focus of Polishness, were predominantly Catholic, particularly from the second half of the seventeenth century; the peasantry included Catholics, Protestants, and members of the Orthodox faith, while nearly half the urban population, and some 10 per cent of the total population, was Jewish. The partition of Poland at the end of the eighteenth century and the subsequent struggle to regain Polish independence raised the question of what the boundaries of a future state should be, and who qualified as a Pole. The partitioning powers, for their part, were determined to hold on to the areas they had annexed: Prussia tried to strengthen the German element in Poland; the Habsburgs encouraged the development of a Ukrainian consciousness in Austrian Galicia to act as a counterweight to the dominant Polish nobility; and Russia, while allowing the Kingdom of Poland to enjoy substantial autonomy, treated the remaining areas it had annexed as part of the tsarist monarchy. When Poland became independent after the First World War more than a third of its population were thus Ukrainians, Belarusians, Germans, Jews, and Lithuanians, many of whom had been influenced by nationalist movements. The core articles in the volume focus especially on the triangular relationship between Poles, Jews, and Germans in western Poland, and between the different national groups in what are today Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine. In addition, the New Views section investigates aspects of Jewish life in pre-partition Poland and in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. There are also the regular Review Essay and Book Review sections. CONTRIBUTORS Adam Bartosz, Eleonora Bergman, Abraham Brumberg, Justin D. Cammy, Verena Dohrn, Shevach Eden, Agnieszka Friedrich, Jonathan Goldstein, Anna Hannowa, Judith Kalik, Sophia Kemlein, Jacek Kuron, Dov Levin, Jozef Lewandowski, Sarunas Liekis, Krzysztof A. Makowski, Efim I. Melamed, Lidia Miliakova, Jacek Piotrowski, Antony Polonsky, Janusz Spyra, Krzysztof Stefanski, Jerzy Tomaszewski, Feliks Tych, Robert S. Wistrich, Bronislawa Witz-Margulies, Marcin Wodzinski, Vital Zajka

Antony Polonsky is Professor Emeritus of Holocaust Studies at Brandeis University and chief historian of the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. He is co-chair of the editorial collegium of Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry.

Note on place-Names Note on Transliteration The Sixtieth Anniversary of the Massacre in Jedwabne: Two Speeches Delivered in Jedwabne, 10 July 2001 Part 1 Jews in the Polish Borderlands Introduction ANTONY POLONSKY The Self-Perception of Lithuanian- Belarusian Jewry in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries VITAL ZAJKA Jewish Rights of Residence in Cieszyn Silesia, 1742-1848 JANUSZ SPYRA The Jewish Community in the Grand Duchy of Poznan under Prussian Rule, 1815-1848 SOPHIA KEMLEIN Between Germans and Poles: The Jews of Poznan in 1848 KRZYSZTOF A. MAKOWSKI The Rabbinical Seminaries as Institutions of Socialization in Tsarist Russia, 1847-1873 VERENA DOHRN The Zhitomir Rabbinical School: New Materials and Perspectives EFIM MELAMED Three Documents on Anti-Jewish Violence in the Eastern Kresy during the Polish-Soviet Conflict SARUNAS LIEKIS, LIDIA MILIAKOVA, and ANTONY POLONSKY The Policies of the Sanacja on the Jewish Minority in Silesia, 1926-1939 JACEK PIOTROWSKI The Vilna Years of Jakub Rotbaum ANNA HANNOWA Tsevorfene bleter: The Emergence of Yung Vilne JUSTIN D. CAMMY Jewish Autonomy in Inter-War Lithuania: An Interview with Yudl Mark DOV LEVIN The Transfer of the Vilna District into Lithuania, 1939 SARUNAS LIEKIS Jan Kazimierz University, 1936-1939: A Memoir BRONISLAWA WITZ-MARGULIES My First Encounters with Jews and Ukrainians JACEK KURON Lithuania Honours a Holocaust Rescuer JONATHAN GOLDSTEIN Part 2 New Views Christian Servants Employed by Jews in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries JUDITH KALIK Boleslaw Prus and the Dreyfus Case AGNIESZKA FRIEDRICH Jewish War Cemeteries in Western Galicia ADAM BARTOSZ New Sources on the History of the Old Synagogue in Lodz KRZYSZTOF STEFANSKI A Fish Breaks through the Net: Sven Norrman and the Holocaust JOZEF LEWANDOWSKI The Work and Recommendations of the Polish-Israeli Textbooks Committee SHEVACH EDEN The Image of the Holocaust in the Polish Historical Consciousness FELIKS TYCH Part 3 Reviews REVIEW ESSAYS John Paul II on Jews and Judaism ROBERT S. WISTRICH Recent Developments in the Historiography of Silesian Jews MARCIN WODZINSKI A Review of Some Recent Issues of the Biuletyn Zydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego ABRAHAM BRUMBERG Gates of Heaven ELEONORA BERGMAN Upside-Down History JERZY TOMASZEWSKI REVIEWS OBITUARIES Notes on the Contributors Glossary Index

'This volume is no exception to the generally high quality of the series ... gives a truly international perspective on the field ... well indexed and attractively printed and bound ... very useful for any collection that deals with east European Jewry.' Shaul Stampfer, Religious Studies Review

Format: Paperback

Size: 235 × 159 × 44 mm

478 Pages

ISBN: 9781874774709

Publication: October 1, 2001

Series: Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry 14

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